what i wore

When I bother to get out of pajamas or workout clothes, when I manage to put on makeup or fix my hairs, you'll see it here first, folks. It's not that often, but it's not too shabby when it happens.  The purpose here being twofold. One--an attempt to embrace and recognize the fact that I am pretty/beautiful/etc. at any size, and trying to teach myself to love my body because it's my body,  not because it fits in any particular shape or size. Two--to document my weight loss over time. I know these two things sound contradictory, but to me they aren't. I can't spend my life waiting until I weigh such and such amount, or am a size so and so to consider myself beautiful. There are reasons I want to lose weight, a lot of them based on looks, but I believe in beauty doesn't fit mainstream standards, and I want to practice what I preach.


Going out for coffee w/ my old roommate
Glasses--Zenni Optical
Shirt--Gap, XL
Pants--Old Navy, 18