Ok. Ok. Ok.

Friends, Romans, Countryladies and gents, lend me your ears. I'm a horrible blogger/weightloser/healthyperson. At least, I have been for quite a while now. Then I (pardon the grossout factor here, folks) Aunty Flo showed up, and never left. Like NEVER left. I spent 5 weeks in disgusting hell, and after an emergency room visit, a few doctor's appointments, a crapton of progesterone and birth control pills I finally have a plan of action. I knew I had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), at least, I thought I had it, but had never had it confirmed w/ an ultrasound. Now I know, folks. It's the cause of my jacked-up lady-biz, the reason I struggle to lose weight, and a myriad of other stuff that's problematic in my life. My doctor told me that basically I'm going to need to be on a low-carb diet for the rest of my life (shocker, right?). PCOS often has insulin resistance associated with it, which means I really struggle to process sugars and the whatnot. She says if I can lose 10 percent of my body weight I should start to see some improvements, and the lower my weight gets (within reason, obviously) the fewer problems I will have. So, I've embarked. I started a few weeks ago and am fifteen pounds down (unfortunately, these are pounds I lost earlier this year and regained). I've had a few days of carbohydrate indulgence that I'm sure slowed progress (and made me feel like garbage the next day), but overall I can see the results and I feel pretty good too. I'm so happy to live in a neighborhood where I can step out of my door and go for walks. I exercise so much more now that I live here (and since I have a sister-wife walking buddy) than I have in the past few years. I haven't gotten into anything hardcore, but I'm moving almost every day. I'm getting ready to start working out more intensely, since losing weight motivates me to move even more. And, I'm hoping I'm back, here. I need an outlet, and this has always helped me in the past. Plus, it's fun when I write here, right? I think it is. No promises or anything, but I'm going to try (we've heard that before, right?)

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  1. I am here and behind you, honey! You can do it! (And I'm battling PCOS as well. It's getting better though. :)

    Work it out, woman! Xo