Wherein I do not consume a half gallon of ice cream in one sitting

Beyond a Rockstar Recover (have you had those things? I bought a case at Costco today. Delicious. It's like a diet Gatorade plus caffeine and a bunch of other crap) and a sip of Vegs' mudslide I was treat-free today! I have been eating so much sugar over the past few weeks. Like, multiple ice cream treats a day (which, if you are having an ice cream craving, let me suggest the vanilla cone at Sonic. The best soft-serve from a fast-food chain...if you're looking), multiple diet sodas a day, very little water. Basically, I've been eating nothing but sugar and processed foods, and I have been feeling it. Today, though, I ate really well and I feel good and healthy.

I have befriended refried beans. When I was a kid, I hated them. Hell, up into my mid-twenties I hated them, but at some point I decided to give them a go and now they are a quick and low-calorie way to get fiber and protein. I like to roll them in a tortilla with hot sauce and a little cheese, it fills me up for a long time.

We did Mediterranean night at the Julk-Ped casa and it was divine. I cheated and bought pre-made falafel at Costco (a complete ripoff, but it saved my sanity). I made a delicious tzatziki and had some with hummus and spring mix and pickles on a pita. I also made the most delicious mediterranean salad. Orzo pasta, spinach, red bell pepper, tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumbers and a little feta cheese. Dress with red wine vinegar, lemon juice, a little olive oil, and a little bit of dill. I have plenty left for lunch for the both of us tomorrow.

When I went grocery shopping today I didn't buy any treats. This was huge for me. Normally I buy treats for Veg (or so I like to believe), but then end up eating most of them. The only thing I bought was a thing of chocolate chips so that I can make cookies and granola if we really want treats at some point this week. I would rather that I make them and know what I'm getting than just shoving a crapload of HFCS in my gullet.

Not much exercise today, beyond a lot of walking while shopping (so, so much shopping) but the food went so well I feel like I'm starting to get back on track.


  1. I have a reeeeeally tasty recipe for faux-refried (as in, there's no lard in there but it's still damn delicious) beans that you can cook in a crock pot, if you're interested. I just need to find it ...

    Also, it was awesome seeing you today! Sorry I was out of it. (Hours of toddler tantrums = mama's brain was mush.)

  2. Errin, I missed you! I was so thrilled when Joey told me you and Vegor and Evie cutie moved to the big city. Bryan and I (or maybe just me) can't wait to be number one best quality babysitters.

    Your salad sounds delicious! I'll have to make it next time I'm craving Mediterranean, instead of going out for a gyro. Greek Souvlaki #1 is way too close to my house.