Spring has sprung

Does paddle-boating count as exercise? I'm saying yes, in which case, I actually got some exercise for the first time in far too long. We had a wonderful day, spent with friends and family. We did our standard Saturday brunch with some dear friends and then went to my parents' to let Evie hang out w/ the animals. She played with bunnies, chickens, dogs, and an old turkey, and it was ridiculously cute. Veg and I took a spin around the pond on a paddle boat. I could have stayed out there forever (were I not terrified of angry geese attacking me).

I had a little binge this morning. Not thrilled about this, and it seemed to be completely hormonally driven, because it almost felt like a pregnant binge (not. At least, according to my trusty Target-brand pregnancy tests. I wouldn't know, based on symptoms since it's been a whopping 65 days since Auntie Florence stopped 'round these parts. FUH!) where I was responding to something physical, not emotional/mental. While I'm certainly not happy about the over-indulgence, I feel much better when it's something like this rather than when I'm eating my feelings (boohoo). At least I managed to stay within my points, though I haven't eaten since lunch (which is fine--completely unhungry, still).

Can I tell you how much I'm looking forward to my 12 week challenge? There's a category for overcoming addictions/changing things in your life. I'm thinking of cutting down my internetting by A LOT. I seriously spend way too much time online. I'm going to aim for 1.5 hours per day, which might be a lot to you, but isn't much for me. From the time Evie goes down to the time I go to bed, I'm pretty much on the internet, not to mention the times when she's napping. I know. It's ridiculous. So, I'm limiting it. Hopefully after I'm done w/ the 12 weeks I can reduce it even more. I have so much that I want to be doing, that I've limited myself from thanks to my dependence on the old interwebs. I plan on getting so much reading and sewing and exercising done!

Album of the Day
Lyle Lovett--Road to Ensenada
Lyle is one of my favorite country musicians, and it's the kind of country music I prefer listening to. Not alt-country, per se, but certainly not the pop country that is on the radio (not that I don't have a soft spot in my heart for that, too, but I will only listen to it in the hot hot summer).

Day 16
A song that makes you cry
Oh, how I spent my early twenties listening to this song, over and over and over again, thinking I was so deep and sad. Maybe I was, it certainly felt that way.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I'm over here quietly being very inspired by your honesty. I'm working on some major food (emotional) issues and I just don't have the courage to lay it all out. Thank you for being brave.