Not putting your baby down all day

That counts as exercise, right? It felt like exercise, and that's all I managed to do today. Not just all, exercise-wise, but in general. No shower, no getting out of PJs, no cleaning the house, nothing. Just trying to quell the screams of a tiny teether. So help me, these bad boys better cut, or I might just lose my mind.

Seriously, people, how do you do it? How do parents manage to do anything? This job is seriously much harder than I could have imagined.

No other updates, other than I managed to stay on top of my food today. Stayed within points, no sugar, etc.


  1. There are days from when my youngest daughter was an infant that I think back on and say, "Oh my god, how a I still alive?" When she was 4 weeks old, I opened my daycare back up and had 5 kids here all. day. long. I spent a good number of evenings in tears and covered in baby vomit.

    Fun times.

    Hang in there. Maybe being a tough teether means she'll have strong teeth? That's something.


  2. I remember sitting in my floor crying with a toddler sitting on the couch covered in jam and a baby in my lap teething. Oh those are the days I look back on and think, "Why didn't I murder Wade in his sleep?". It gets better. Hang in there and send me a message if you ever just want someone to sit in your living room and watch the baby so you can have 30 min alone with hygiene or something. :) I mean that.

  3. oh man. you are not kidding. (about the parenting thing being so so so much harder than we imagined). i say YES carrying around a screaming toddler counts as exercise. poor errin. i remember, before i had julian, i was like "i can't WAIT to get to be at home with my kid all day. my life will be so easy! i will get so much done! art projects, workouts, yardwork!" now i think about that and laugh. the other day a (male) relative of mine was visiting the baby, and he was like, "oh you haven't gone back to work yet? you are just home with the baby? wow! what do you DO with yourself all day? are you just so bored?" i. wanted. to. slap. him. i was like, "well. no. not bored. i take care of a crying baby all day. on about three hours of sleep. you may not consider that "work," but i do." jeez.

  4. I'm not a mommy yet but I have such respect for those people who are! It requires a lot of energy I think!

    Good luck with everything. I love a good skinny jean too but I have to be careful because I think my legs are super muscular so I don't want to look like a stuffed sausage! LOL!