A new place to run

Yesterday I thought I wasn't going to get in a workout. We had a date planned for the evening, and my attempts around eleven were thwarted by cold, whipping winds. I'd have even gone to the gym and taken the kid to the childcare center, but she has a cold, and I'm not into infecting other people with our germs (even if I were, they are supposed to only accept healthy kids). I could have dropped her off with some friends, but by that point I was just feeling defeated, and naptime was nigh.

So, she napped, briefly. But by the time she woke up, the sun was shining. Vegs called to see if I was going for a run since the weather had changed, but I was just feeling cranky and gross and didn't want to go. Thanks to the kid's short nap, though, I forced myself outside, if only to quell her shrieks (this kid is LOUD if she doesn't nap for long enough). Vegor had the car, so I knew my trail run wasn't an option, which meant just hoofing it through suburbia.

Guess what? I LOVED it. LOVED. It was around 3 PM, and save a few tweens walking home from school the roads were deserted, meaning I just ran down the middle of the road, and moved if a car approached. It's right in the middle of everything, so it doesn't feel as creepy, like I'm going to be attacked. The terrain is relatively flat, but with a few challenging hills (which I ended up running, by the way) and it's all super-big houses which makes me create horribly dark tales about the goings-on within (hey, you gotta pass the time somehow, why not wonder if that was a shriek you heard coming from the basement window?). I did the Couch to 5k workout from week 2, twice. I really love that as a workout, I end up getting in about an hour of exercise, but don't feel bored, ever. I'm so happy to be able to go outside to exercise (though who knows my fate for the rest of the week).

Album of the day
Lupe Fiasco--Lasers
I feel like just having this on my ipod ups my cool by like 100 points. It's above my cool level, but when I listen, I pretend that I'm not a big nerd.

Day 19 
A Talent of Yours
I think I'm pretty damn funny. My husband is the funniest person I have ever known, and I can make him laugh, which is a pretty good ego boost. I think I always went to funny to compensate for being fat when I was growing up, but I'm glad I did. My sense of humor is all over the place, from the super-dry to slapstick to puns to absurdity. I'm always looking for something to laugh at, and can usually find it.


  1. A good sense of humor is so rare so I think it's a gift :)

    Great job getting a workout in!

  2. you are pretty damn funny. you and vegor win in the funny department. you are funnier than the other funny people i know. sometimes when we hang out i am intimidated by your funny, actually. and (i think i already told you this) in HS sometimes i would try to steal your jokes and pass them off as my own. (yes, i was the worst kind of person.)