I'm Alive

I know I went missing this week. A few good reasons, a few based purely on laziness. I would like to say, here and now, that for once my hiatus is not filled with binges and disappointment. I rocked it this week.

Granted, I didn't rock it in the way I would, ideally. My exercising was not in the form of structured workouts, but my goal for this week was to move every day, and I did it. Sometimes it was a few crunches and squats before bed, but it was something!

I have successfully met all my 7daychip goals thus far (today completed day 5) this week. I'm really proud of myself, and these things seem to be making a pretty big difference in the way I feel. I'm really glad I switched it up midweek and changed my green drink goal to drinking 120 oz. of water every day. I am now realizing I was drinking nowhere near enough water before now. It helps keep me feeling full, and it gives me something to do w/ my hands and mouth (please, dudes, keep your minds out of the gutter, there's not room down here for all of us).

I was especially proud of myself this evening. We went to a party, and normally I'd have a few glasses of wine or a few beers or cocktails, and fill up on whatever snackables were around. Not tonight, friendos. I had my one glass of wine, which was all I could "afford" with my points, and that was it. I think from now on, that's how I'll go to parties, having used up most of my day's allotment, but leaving room for one, maybe two drinks.  I think this is a great idea for a few reasons. 1) It's really difficult to keep track of points on things like appetizers/hors devours, based on serving size alone, besides the fact that you're bound to eat more than you think.  2) Being all boozed up makes it harder to make reasonable choices, so having just a couple bevs means I can stay in control. 3) It forces me out of my socially awkward bubble (or more into it, depending on how you see it). Because I can't depend on being drunk or hanging out at the food table, I have to actually talk to other people. It's tough, but something I really want to be better at, so this is good for me.

Tomorrow morning is brunch at Communal again (I really love our Saturday morning dates). I'm pre-scanning the menu so I can make appropriate food choices (I try and do that every time we go out, but don't always stick to it). Let's hope I can keep with it!

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  1. You did rock it, Errin! Great job this week! (And I loved your funniness about not having enough "room down here for all of us." LOL!