Homebody Sunday

I want to make this sauce, so much. So, so much. MMMMMM Sauce. I have really been slacking on cooking at home, relying on quick fixes, and it feels kind of gross. I need to get back to my vegan cooking ASAMFP, and that mmmm sauce is going to be my beginning.

We did the most cooking I've done all week, and that was pita, hummus and other mediterranean foods (way too many kalamata olives) and the most exercise, on a 3 mile walk. It was still a weird day--so tired from Little Miss So-and-So keeping me up all night. But the house is clean, and I am ready for the new week.

I feel like my posts have been kind of boring and whiny lately. I'm sorry. That shi is about to change. Well, at least I hope so. I apologize, anyway. Just know that I'm gonna be on the motivation train. Choo effin' choo.

Album of the Day
Rilo Kiley--More Adventurous
If this whole listening to an album a day was intended to open my musical horizons (I don't even remember why I started this, but I'm holding on until the end of my 30 days) but it hasn't. I pretty much just listen to the same stuff I always do, just listening to the whole album instead of just a few songs. I'll start listening to out of the norm stuff next week, but for now, this album has probably been played one bazillion times by me since it came out. All I want to be is tiny, beautiful, angel-voiced Jenny Lewis.

Day 17
An Art Piece
So, love of my life, Kieren made this for me. It is one of my most prized possessions. Not exaggerating. I would grab it in a fire. No one has ever made me something so beautiful. She is a brilliantly talented artist, and one hot momma! She is also my twin in about a million ways and I love her.

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  1. psssssh, girl, you already know i love you, why do you gotta flatter me? it warms my icy heart that you love that little drawing i made for you so much. really, selfishly, i just wanted to draw it because i like drawing pretty people, and you are gorgeous. (that is true. i am captivated by your prettiness and went all jack-and-rose-in-titanic on you. minus the nudity, unfortunately for me.) i love you and that smiley teething baby of yours.