Sorry. Things got real crazy 'round these parts for a couple of days. I'm not going to go into it, as it's not really my place to do so, but it was necessary that I take a break from myself for a few days to help some family members. A lot of sadness, a lot of stress, but things seem to be heading back toward positive.

I couldn't tell you if I've been within my points these last few days, I know I was on Sunday, because I only ate breakfast, but beyond that, I've not been very conscious of my food choices. Pizza two nights in a row = me not feeling that great. Also, I had some sugar for the first time in almost two weeks today, and it, with the combination of no exercise have me feeling just plain garbage-y.

One nice thing (silver linings, people) about my lack of healthy choices is seeing immediate effects. I've been eating so clean and healthy for the past few weeks that changes to that are apparent in the way I feel almost immediately. I'm more than ready to get back on track in the morning.

My non-healthy choices haven't been that extreme, given the decisions I would have made a few months ago, which makes me really proud of the changes that I have made, that I've genuinely created a new lifestyle for myself, which was one of my main goals. That's not to say there aren't deviations, but, healthy, whole-food choices now come as a first thought, eating processed foods comes with a lengthy internal debate. I know now that I have to drink a gallon of water a day to feel like I'm not retaining water, and to manage my appetite. I'm learning, people!

Let's talk about other good things. My weigh-in! I was so happy to finally reach that freaking 20 lb. mark. I'm only 6 pounds away from my 10 percent goal! I would love to be ten pounds lighter by the end of the month, too, so I plan on working my booty off. I can definitely tell a difference, having lost this initial chunk. Exercise isn't as difficult, clothes fit better, just moving is easier. I'm still feeling really motivated, and seeing that loss only motivated me more.

I haven't listened to any albums for the past few days, but will be back on it tomorrow. I can catch up on the rest of my 30 days baloney, though.

Day 10
A Picture Taken Over 10 Years Ago

This may be from less than ten years ago. I'm pretty bad at tracking time. It's likely older than 10 years, though (I had this job for awhile). This was one of my favorite jobs I've ever had. I always met really fun people, and all I had to do was make coffee and be friendly. Pretty good. I also like this picture because it's about the weight I would like to be at when I finish this whole thing. I was running/hiking like crazy when this was taken, and felt really good about myself. Oh, how I long to be back in this golden girl body.

Day 11
A picture taken of you recently

Evie Sneeves and I (Kieren gave her that nickname, and boy, it has stuck!) The talented Ashley Thalman  took this, and I love it.

Day 12

Are you obsessed with Sassy Gay Friend? Because I am. You're welcome.

So ready to start anew tomorrow. Day 1 of #7daychip, and of my #100daychipquest.


  1. Congratulations being so close to your 10% mark that's great! It sounds like you know exactly how to balance healthy eating with living life! I think that's what's important for LIFELONG weight loss especially because even if you don't lose a lot of weight during the week, I always have the happy mentality that I am not GAINING weight and I'm maintaining :)

    Good luck with everything!

  2. totally obsessed! i think the one for black swan is my favorite.

  3. "save it patty hearst!" "i think you're 14 and you're an idiot. you took a roofie from a priest." hahahhahahaha. i need a sassy gay friend. well, i have a sassy gay brother-in-law, who's words are also kind of gems, who loves to call me a "stupid bitch." in that endearing way only the gays can. anyway. i am crazy-proud of you. i joined ww a couple days ago. i am not doing as well as you, but i must say, i like the points system. having to keep track of everything i eat definitely keeps me in check. i love that picture of you and the sneeves, and love that you call her sneeves. you two make me smile from ear to ear.