Friend Making Monday #2

FMM: The Grocery Store

1. Do you make a list when you go grocery shopping? Do you stick to it?  When I do make a shopping list, I stick to my budget a lot better, and I tend to purchase/make healthier foods. I would say I make/stick to my shopping list about 60 percent of the time.

2. Do you buy more groceries when you're hungry?   Yes, yes and yes. And always the worst foods.

3. Coupons. Use 'em?  Only if they're already on the product.

4. Have you ever complained to the manager of your grocery store? No, but I have requested items from management.

5. Do you like to buy groceries at huge chain stores like Wal-Mart and Target? Or do you shop exclusively at food stores?  I don't like to, but that doesn't mean I don't.

6. How much time do you spend reading labels in the grocery store? Not much, only if I'm buying new information.

7. Do you push your own grocery cart to the car and return it? Yes I do. I believe it's how you get to heaven. I also bring other people's carts back.

8. What is the one food item you always buy at the grocery store that you must have in the kitchen? Greek yogurt, bananas, almond milk.

9. Do you enjoy grocery shopping?  Nope, I hate it. I hate it so, so much.

10. How often do you shop for groceries? Once a week, if possible. Man. I hate it so much.


  1. Let's tackle Timp together! It's MY mountain.

  2. YES! the last time i hiked it was probably 2002 and i was in great shape, and STILL didn't go all the way to the top--stopped at the lake. i HAVE to make it all the way up.

  3. We'll take trash bags and "sled" down on our bums. It's the BEST!