Dear Orem Rec: What The Fuh?

Ok. I get it, it's a "community center" and people in the "community" want to "get ready for Sunday" (as the old primary tune goes). But, seriously? Closed at 7:30 on a Saturday night? You. Suck.

I'm glad I stayed on track with my food today (even in going out for Indian. Traded in my beloved garlic naan for papadams. Sadface) because apparently I won't be burning any calories tonight, except for from some squats, pushups and crunches. And that is beyond lame.

I had this whole Biggest Loser "last-chance workout" idea of really kicking some cardio ass tonight. Spend an hour or so on the elliptical/treadmill/bike, do some speed workouts on the track, then do like a billion crunches. Nope. None of the above. I feel like I should still get the calorie drop from the attempt to go. It also makes me wish we lived on ground level, or at least that the floor/ceilings weren't so crappy that my downstairs neighbor's light fixtures didn't shake when I jumped, so that I could do a p90x workout or something. Those plyometrics will make your heart explode, in a good way, and I could have used that tonight.

The weather is supposed to clear up for at least tomorrow and Monday, so I'm going to try and get in a couple of C25K workouts, but man, the whole point was to do those things before my stinkin' weigh in.

Speaking of weigh-ins, I haven't been keeping very good track here of pounds lost, inches lost, etc., so I plan on updating all of that tomorry. One thing I can say is these past couple of weeks, largely due to the support/common goals from my #7daychip friends, my motivation is back where it was when I started this, and that gives me great hope as I stare down the next 80 pounds or so.

A few changes to the ol' blog here, too. Unless it's particularly pertinent, I'm no longer going to post what I ate or wore directly in posts, but instead am putting them in there own pages. This will keep them separate and make it easier for me to see them all at once.

Also, I suppose I have a bit of catching up to do on some of my other goals:

Album of the Day
Adele: 21
Who loves Adele? You all should. Her voice is so damn dreamy. I love this album.

Cat Power: You Are Free
Chan Marshall has the most beautiful voice in the entire world, and this is one of my absolute favorite albums of all time. It is good for rainy, lonely days.

Seed-at-Zero: Seed-at-Zero
This album was put out this last year by my friend Whitney Mower. Well, we are kind of friends. I have a girl crush on her, and we had some classes together  and we both dated the same dude. I wish we were more of friends, but I think she is out of my cool league, and that's okay. I think her voice is just stunning, and her songs are beautifully written. You can buy the album Seed At Zero on amazon. I vote yes on that move.

30 Days
Day 7
A photo that makes you happy
This picture is from waaay back in the day. At least ten years ago. I like it because these are friends I will always love, no matter how long it goes in between seeing them, no matter how much we change, how our views on the world may differ, I feel like we'll always really still love each other. This was taken at a concert by a particularly cheesy band that most of you won't know, but let's just say I'm pretty embarrassed by my past obsession. I'm the blondy one in the middle. This just made me want to scan in a bunch of old pictures and put them up on facebook.

Day 8
A photo that makes you sad/angry
This is from when Evie was born. It only makes me sad because after my c-section this was the only time I got to see her for almost 2 hours. C-sections suck. I mean, they are kind of awesome because, poof, your baby is out, but I really feel like I missed out on some integral bonding time with my baby that made the first few weeks of motherhood exceptionally hard. I also had big plans for an unmedicated birth, and things like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia kept that from happening. If I had been at a healthy weight, chances are really good I wouldn't have had to deal with these problems. I know that those things aren't always weight-related, but in my case, they were.  I'm incredibly happy and lucky that I have such a sweet little girl, and I am just glad that she's here after so many years of trying, but I still feel a little cheated. Basically, it's a constant reminder of my body not doing what I think it should.

Day 9
A picture you took
Last weekend, though the weather was garbagey, we took a long drive out onto Utah Lake. There were so many baby animals along the way, and I was in absolute heaven. We stopped the car so I could get out and talk to these sheep, but I'm not as much a Snow White as I think I am, so they all bolted.

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