Day One, everywhere

Today was day one for me all over the place. Day one of my 12 week health challenge, day one of the Super-Bitchin’ Rockstar Challenge and day one of my 7 day chip quest. Overall, it was pretty good. The only place I lacked was exercise (real shocker, eh?). Fortunately, I’ve built in one free day for myself to not exercise (knowing my lazy ways), unfortunately, it’s all used up. 
Today was the first time I’ve eaten a full day vegan in a long time, and it reminded me how much I love eating that way (as long as I’m eating whole foods). I had a veggie wrap and carrot ginger soup at Ginger’s cafe (umm. Excuse me, local vegans? WTF? Why didn’t you tell me about this place?). I even had a treat, a raw macaroon from Raw Melissa (delicious), and since I’m just trying to stay away from sugar, and not necessarily sweets, I didn’t even feel guilty about it (sweetened w/ agave). For dinner I made an attempt at the sauce I posted yesterday. I didn’t have a lemon, and I left out the chickpeas, but it turned out pretty well. Vegs even went back for seconds. I served it with sauteed vegetables and spinach over brown rice w/ baked tofu. 
I also managed to drink my gallon o’ water today. I’ve been really struggling w/ this the past few days, so it was tough, but I definitely feel better after doing it. My skin feels better, my lips aren’t chapped, and I don’t retain water. I’m also fuller all day long.
I have to say that the very hardest part of all of my challenges is the internet diet I have put myself on. It has become clear to me that it really is an addiction for me, and I don’t want anything in my life to have that kind of pull. All day long, I just kept looking at my computer, thinking I could just hop on for a few minutes, and that it would be okay, but I also knew if I did that it would cut out of my time in the evening, which is something I really didn’t want to give up, so I, shocker of all shockers, just played with my kid. We danced, we sang, we read. It’s not that I don’t play w/ my kid when I’m online, but sometimes I will sit with her on my lap while I look at the internet, or let her play next to me while I am online. This is not what I want to be, not the example I want to set, not how I want to spend my life. 
So, I installed a stopwatch on my dashboard, and every time I get online, I click the little start button. I’m even writing this post in a word-processing program rather than into blogger itself (which might not seem like a big difference, but it means no clicking here or there to look at something else that might be interesting to me, no checking my facebook in the middle of a post, etc.)
Album of the Day
The Jayhawks--Tomorrow the Green Grass
I remember the first time my parents let me take my walkman to school, I was in the sixth grade and I used it during my gym class. I listened to this tape. It’s a very weird fit for an 11 year old, but I really liked it. I still really like it. I guess I’m just glad I had such mature taste in music growing up ;)
Day 18
Evie magic.


  1. I need to be put on an internet diet.

    Good luck with everything and have a wonderful week! I want to try some vegetarian restaurants! The foods you tried sound delicious.

  2. Internet limitation is a great idea. I may have to try that. No - I do have to do that. I never even thought of it as addictive behavior until you mentioned it. Well done, madam.

    Also, I believe I just fell in love with your kid. So very cute!


  3. you and vegor made the cutest kid alive.