Bare Minimum

I'm really glad I have my monthly goals set out for me. I know that I've already missed my 100 percent on them, but they really do help me make better choices throughout the day. Today, it took everything I had to stay on top of them,  by the narrowest of margins, but by golly, I did it, though I might be stretching pretty thin on some of these (ok, just one. Exercise, of course).

I have such a hard time exercising when the rest of my life is not in order (namely, my house isn't clean). I can't wrap my head around prioritizing exercise above my house/kid/friends/family/etc. I know I need to do it, just commit to going, but I struggle figuring out the whens and whats. Night time works well, sometimes, because I can just leave the sleeping babe, but that's only 3 nights a week--though I guess that's better than nothing. I know good weather will help, but I have to stop excusing myself because of weather when I have other options available.

Another area I struggle in is going out to eat. If I can look at the menu online before I go, I try to plan out my meal and track it before I even eat it, to keep myself honest. But, if I have to make choices on the fly I'm not quite skilled enough w/ the points system to make the best choices. For instance, today I went to lunch with some of my dearest friends, and thought I was making healthy choices--veggie omelet, english muffin, hash browns. I knew the hash browns weren't the best choice, but I thought I would just eat a few, I mostly wanted something to let the kid chomp on. What I should have ordered? Egg white omelet, no cheese, fruit instead of hash browns. I'm getting better, though. I didn't go for the french toast (which I really wanted) which was a big step for me.

Album of the Day
Fleet Foxes--Fleet Foxes
Beautiful songs. Beautiful harmonies. Amazing. I listened to this all the time when I was pregnant to keep my blood pressure under control. Their new album Helplessness Blues is amazing. They are playing at Red Butte Gardens this summer and that's the only concert I care to go to all year long.

and, as a bonus, here's First Aid Kit (another one of my favorites, I'll probably listen to their recent release as my album of the day very soon) covering Tiger Mountain Peasant Song. Oh. Delights.

Day 13
A fictional book
Maps for Lost Lovers
This book is the most heartbreaking of love stories. You will cry and cry and cry. I loved this book enough to have a passage tattooed on my arm (yeah, I'm a lit nerd. Get over it). The passage reads (and it's kind of a throw-away line in the novel, which blows my, people) "Language can provide some refuge from terror." I'll let you ponder on that for awhile. It means a lot to me, on multiple levels.



  1. i love fleet foxes. i have not read "maps for lost lovers," but i will have to since you love it so much. i am the worst at prioritizing exercise. THE WORST. right now in my life sleep is pretty much always my top priority... like, if the babe finally goes down for a nap, instead of cleaning my house, or exercising, i try to sleep too. i keep telling myself as he gets on a more regular sleep schedule, and i start getting more sleep at night, i'll get better about this. and i truly hope so. does it get easier? it must, right? anyway. i love you.

  2. i'll lend it to you! unless you want to read it on your fancy internet book readin' contraption.

    for me ww had a total learning curve that i think could have benefitted from going to meetings (are you doing just online like me?--and yes, i'm responding to a different comment here) and i'm still trying to figure it out. if we are both still doing ww when i move by you, let's go to meetings together!