Ask, and ye shall recieve

After a long week and pretty much just staying away from all the things that do good for my life, and with a few unsuccessful tries at getting back on board, I had the intervention of a couple of friends, and it couldn't come at a better time.

First, I got a facebook message last night from a friend from high school who is starting a 12 week healthy living challenge. Basically, people pay into a pool, and then weekly get points for doing things that are healthy. So it's not just about losing the most weight, but about really getting into healthy habits. I was one bazillion percent SOLD. (Also, if you're interested in doing it, we start on Monday, I can get you in touch with my friend before then.)

Less than 12 hours later and Colleen, one of my favorite twitter friends/heroes/inspirations blogs about the 16 week super-bitchin' rockstar challenge. She wants to lose 37 lbs in 16 weeks before her trip to the Bahamas (lucky!) so now, it's setting a specific amount you want to lose in 16 weeks and trying to get there. My goal is 40 lbs, which is 2.5/week--nothing to sniff at.

These two things were just what I needed to get back off of my ass and going, going, going. I'm done dealing w/ the drama of this past week(end) beyond being supportive to my family, so I am not letting myself be distracted any more.

Album of the Day
The Age of Adz, Sufjan Stevens
If I could carry a musician around in my pocket all the time, it would be Sufjan. So amazingly talented. It's not for everyone, to be sure (Vegs thinks its really self-indulgent), but I think it's perfection. This particular album is a departure from his earlier, folky stuff, which I prefer, but I still think this album is divine.

Day 15
A fanfic
ModCloth--Beach Blanket Bingo
I don't really know what this means, so I'm ignoring it. Instead, shouldn't I buy this swimsuit at the end of my 16 week challenge? 

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  1. That swimsuit is super freaking awesome. I don't know, even when I'm at goal, if I'll be comfortable in a 2 piece. Too much emotional baggage surrounding it, maybe? I dunno. But I have seen some cute "tankini" swimsuits. The thing is, every time I look at them, I think - "those aren't for someone like me."

    The last swimsuit I bought was a hideous green one-piece that I got just days before our last cruise 2 years ago. I wasn't even going to get one - can you imagine? Going on a cruise to Mexico and not getting in the ocean or swimming in the pool on board the ship? My oldest daughter wanted to practically LIVE in the pool. Anyway, the only reason I bought that suit was because a) it was on the clearance rack and b)it was a size 24 - the ONLY size 24 in the store.

    This time when I go shopping for a swimsuit, I'll be dangerously close to 199lbs. I'm pretty sure that it's safe to assume that I won't need a size 24 this time. And dammit, I'm going to pick something cute!

    Let's start this SuperBitchin' Rockstar Challenge!!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!