And I was RUNNING...

Do you wish you could write in the voice of characters from tv or movies? Yeah. I do. All the time. In which case, Forrest Gump would be narrating the title of this here post.

I killed it today. For real. Food. Exercise. Water. Goals. All of them, obliterated.

Let's start w/ food. Brekkie was greek yogurt (seriously, I want to do things that verge on the perverse with Chobani plain) w/ brown rice, strawberries and a little honey. Yogurt and rice might seem kind of gross, but let me assure you, peeps, it is very  much not. It was like a healthy strawberry shortcake for breakfast. What's not to like?

I snacked on popcorn (duh) that I sprayed w/ lemon juice and then put smoked sea salt and fresh ground black pepper on. As delicious as it was (and people upstairs could probably hear me moaning in pleasure) I've been fighting with a shell in my tooth all day long. Not even the water pick has been able to dislodge it. I think I'm going to give flossing another go and hope for the best. I wish they made kernel-less popcorn, because I always end up w/ the shells stuck in my teeth and it just makes me miserable.

For lunch I made a huge salad. Like, I put it in a mixing bowl huge. It consisted of spring mix, baby cucumbers, apple, blue cheese, and oven-roasted potatoes and butternut squash. I used one of those spray salad dressings in raspberry vinaigrette. It was stellar. I'm a huge fan of having warm and cool components in my salads, and this one was pretty near perfect. I have to say that post my vegan escapade, I've found the reason I wasn't able to stay, and it's yogurt and cheese. Not just any cheese, mind you. I can do w/o the cheddars and mozzarellas, but the tang and saltiness of blue cheese/goat cheese/feta were irreplaceable, and God knows I tried.

We had friends over to share dinner and watch the Sopranos (we're watching the whole series) and I made burgers, meaty ones for the men, Dr. Praeger's veggie for the ladies. I had mine on a multi-grain hard roll from Harmons and put avocado, mustard, barbecue sauce and tomatoes on it. This was my only processed carb of the day! The Dr. Praeger's burgers are average. They're vegan, which is a plus (I believe all processed "vegetarian" foods should be vegan, so that everyone can enjoy them. What's the point of making a veggie burger that a vegan can't eat? LAME.) but they're kind of mushy and a little bland. I bought a 16 pack at Costco the other day, though, so I'll be trying to make them work for awhile.

I drank all 120 oz. of water and more. For other gallon guzzlers, did you find that your pee frequency leveled off pretty quickly? I peed a lot the first day, but now I feel like I go pretty normally (thank goodness), which I'm sure you all really wanted to know.

Vegs came home from work a little early, which let me run BY. MY. SELF. No stroller, no diaper bag, no tiny tot needing consolation. Just me and the road. My goal is to do 2 C25K workouts when I run so that I get cardio for a little under an hour. Today I did 3.5 miles, and I'm averaging around a 15 minute mile, which is pretty good, considering it's factoring in quite a bit of walking (10 minutes on the warmup and cooldown, plus the walking in the workout itself). I'm definitely running faster than I was on the treadmill, and I can tell, because I wear out a lot quicker. I don't know how to slow down, though. I try, but then I feel like I'm just not moving at all.

The weather was perfect on my out run, a little overcast, a slight breeze, but still sun in the air. By the time I turned around, though, it was getting no fun. The breeze turned into a wind, which kept blowing dust in my eyes, and made the running significantly more difficult. The second half of this workout was nearly the death of me, but I did it, and I felt great when I got home.

Album of the Day
Beach House -- Teen Dream
This was for real the best album of last year. I probably listen to this a few times a month, which is a lot for me. I am obsessed with Victoria Legrand's voice. Please to enjoy.

Day 5
Your Favorite Quote
Sometimes I wish I were a quote-y person, but the truth is, I have a horrible memory, and at best I usually paraphrase an idea I'm clinging to remember. TV I'm pretty good at remembering (I know, what a marketable skill!) but, even that takes viewing something a few times. So, here are a couple:

"Your boos are not scaring me. I know most of you are not ghosts." Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock
"This is untoward! This is not toward!" Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock
"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy." Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

That's enough, right?


  1. My pee frequency has leveled off. I'm getting sick of water but I'm keeping up with it. I don't drink much else with the exception of 1 or 2 cups of coffee each evening.

    Also, I am no freaking good at running. I feel like an oaf. A big, lumbering oaf. I've tried C25K twice and fell on my face both times (one of those times, literally). I got zero enjoyment out of it at all. I think when I am under 200 I am going to try it again. My knees just freaking SCREAM after running and they don't when I do the elliptical or bike. Plus I like those things. I guess it's all about finding something you like!

    PS How old is your little person?

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  2. in my non-fat days i LOVED running, which i think is why i keep sticking with it, in the hopes that i will one day get back to that place where i run and run and run for hours. oh, what a decade will do to you. it's kind of killing my knees, too, but i like that it's outdoors. i hate. hate. hate. gym equipment. i mean, i'll force myself to do it if i have to, but i feel so much better doing outside exercise. my ideal is hiking, but it's still too snowy and wet here.

    mah babe is almost 8 months old (in a few days).

    i swear drinking this much water makes my body want MORE water, which shocks me. it's all i drink. i gave up on coffee because i feel like it steals potential for naps from me.

    remember that email i was going to send you? yeah, i suck. i have thought about it numerous times and then, poof, time disappears. sorry.

  3. What?!? You have an 8 month old and you don't have any free time. Weird.

    I don't think I've had a non-fat day in my life. Someday I will though!

  4. My pee levels have NEVER leveled off (lucky you). I seriously pee every thirty minutes.

    Do you drink a lot of water at a time or kind of spread it out? I just carry my 32 oz Nalgene with me wherever I go and only take note of how many times I fill it up...

    But I actually do love drinking/peeing all the time b/c I feel so healthy my my pee is all clear and stuff! (TMI)

  5. thank you for the music. i liked it a lot. you are amazing! PEE! all the time! it's good for you. :)

  6. i love whole wheat couscous with yogurt, but i haven't tried rice. sounds super good though.

  7. You had an awesome day! Great job!