When, oh when will I run again?

I want to be there, on the trail, pushing the stroller. I just wish someone would teleport me and the kid, already strapped in, right to the trail so I could just start. I struggle so much with the getting going. I went on a nice walk w/ one of my nearest and dearest's, so I still got some exercise, but I really need to R.U.N.

My eating today was good, that's 2 days straight, though I'm surprised I made it today. A quesadilla AND a vegetarian burrito for lunch (stupid Taco Time, tempting me). Greek yogurt w/ peaches and granola for breakfast, polenta w/ cremini mushrooms, asparagus and spinach for dinner.

I stayed completely within my points, no going over! I'm struggling though. I'm strongly, strongly considering starting up meetings for the additional support. The internet's nice and all, but I can use all the help I can get. I also have got to figure out a time/way to get in real workouts. The warm weather will help, but I have to be honest with myself in knowing that the weather isn't always going to be great and that it cannot be an excuse any longer.

I'm also realizing that another area that might be helping me pack on the pounds is cooking. The bites and tastes are all adding up. But, I'm a tasting cook. How do I resolve this? How do I know if it needs this or that or a shake of something if I haven't tasted it? I know I don't need to be picking at food multiple times as I prepare it, but I've got to find something in between.

No food pictures today, but since I got dressed, there's a new "what I wore" picture. I like to call this look, "Grandpa goes gardening." I have a feeling I will be wearing the hell out of this (sans cardigan) all summer long. The hat was to cover my pink hair, which got dyed at Holi Fest this weekend and will not wash out. I just fixed it, and I'm absolutely in love with the color. It's as close to my natural color as I've felt I've been in a long, long time. A few blonde streaks now and again rather than doing huge full-color weaves all the time will be so much better. It's messy now, but tomorrow you'll all see the new coif.


  1. I am going in search of Greek yogurt this week in your honor... Can you believe I have never had it!?


  2. if you need someone to watch the kid for an hour while you work out, i am always down.

    i find it impossible NOT to taste. maybe serve yourself a smaller portion than usual when it's all done?

  3. @sarah it's the best--though, it does take some getting used to. i hated it at first, but now, i'm obsessed.

    @cassie you're so sweet. i may take you up on that sometime. the smaller portion idea is a good one, i need to try to do that AND not taste as often.

    @erin gracias, you shall see much of it this summer.

  4. In the spirit of support: I rode the bike for the first time in months last night. Did 30 min on level 1, and felt like I was going to die. But I will do it again today. :) Also, I've started logging my food again, it always works for me but I can't seem to commit to it for as long as it really takes. I've joined livestrong.com, not sure how that will pan out. I would love to be a support for each other. Oh, and I broke vegan today with ranch dressing and butter. BUTTER. Otherwise, I did okay.

  5. @Kat AWE.SOME. i would love if we were a support system for each other in this! i've given up on veganism, but commend you for going at it! (though that ranch was so NOT worth it, right? who doesn't have oil and vinegar as a dressing option?)

  6. I'm loving the "grandpa goes gardening" look! Is there a recipe somewhere for this yummy sounding polenta dish?! Me thinks I NEED it!