I have a plan, and it includes making strength training my bitch. This is a necessary plan, because, I'm a major wuss. I've always lacked in upper body strength, but my lower half was always been pretty strong. Of course, the past decade I've let it dissolve into oblivion, and now a squat makes me want to puke. So, strength training is getting added in. I've been thinking about this for awhile, but tonight it became abundantly clear.

I tried doing the advanced Bar Method dvd again, after a couple months of rest. Bad effing idea. I got my little sister to join in with me, so I didn't have to suffer alone, and she was feeling the murderous affects, too. Each squat, each pelvic tuck, each calf-raise reminded me that I needed to get stronger. It also reminded me of how strong I used to be, and I miss it. I used to lift and run most days a week. I would do workout classes in the evening 2 or 3 back to back (including hip-hop, which is just so laughable to me now). I felt so good. I want that feeling back. I want to make it to the top of Mt. Timponogos this summer. I want to run for hours at a time. When I took Fitness for Life I was the most in-shape woman in my class, and close to the top for the dudes. I WANT IT BACK. So, I'm getting it back. It's hard, no doubt, thanks to these excess 100 ell bees, a screaming kid, a horrible sleep schedule, etc., but what else, really do I have to do?

I started my 7daychip goal today. I bombed it. I take that back. I went over my daily points by like 5 (I've got like 49 to work with), but my goal was to not go over, so I start again. I will earn this!

I cleared my freezer of the pizza from Friday. Pizza for breakfast is the bomb dot com. I'm down to crappy oranges.  I would like to make it a day or two more before going grocery shopping (gotta stretch that budget), but my desire for delicious fruits and veggies may push me to go sooner. Because really, pizza for breakfast? Delicious, but not the healthiest way to start your day. 

My lunch was definitely the healthiest thing I ate all day, since it was mostly spinach. I made the same thing I had for dinner last night, but added kalamata olives and hummus. These were wise decisions. Have we talked about my salt tooth? This did wondrous things to it.
Dinner was what did it to me. Do you see green in there? No? Me neither. I mean, there are 3 handfuls of spinach, but, it's way more pasta. Fewer simple carbs, Errin! How hard is that? 

I would post my outfit, but let's just say the first time I left the house this morning it was in my pajamas, and the second time, sweatpants. So, you really don't want to see that.

I'm going to try and implement some recipes from Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet which I checked out from the library last week. The last half is really, really healthy--macrobiotic type stuff. Some of the recipes sound amazing, and they're exactly the kind of healthy I want to be eating. I'll post them here as I try them.


  1. The 7daychip goal is to do something consistently for a week...and then a week after that, etc.

    my goal this week is to not use any of my reserve weight watchers points for the week--just my daily allotment.

    next week i'll add something new, like not use reserve points AND do something active every day. then the next week, those two things AND something else--building good habits on good habits.

  2. I think I might check that book out too. I'm always looking for healthy new recipes!

    By the way, I'm ADDICTED to hummus!