A Nap

Makes all the difference in the world. I woke up, ate a bowl of cheerios, and resolved to do better tomorrow (I feel like I do a hell of a lot of that). Why am I so good at trying after the fact?

I'm trying to make myself feel better with the fact that it is supposed to be 55 degrees tomorrow. I need to go outside. I need to run. I need to feel the sunshine. Tomorrow we run, screaming or no, because I NEED IT!

Here is something that is making me feel sad: the fact that H&M online doesn't exist for people in the states, because I would like to buy everything from this collection (cute plus size clothes that are the same clothes as the straight sizes? WTF? What genius thought of this, and might I kiss them upon the mouth? Also, why do 'Merican girls get no love?). Seriously. I'm strongly considering commissioning purchases via paypal w/ friends in other countries. I'm sure it won't cost one million dollars.


  1. h&m. oh my god, i love that place. this will make you super happy; h & m just announced that they will start offering online shopping in the US at the end of this year. they are also opening up a whole bunch of new locations, apparently. so; woo hoo! we can look forward to it, and be in shape when they start offering us their goods.

  2. Love H&M!


  3. h&m offering online shopping could be really terrible, considering how much i spend there whenever i get the chance.