My Baby Likes

a fat Momma. At least, this is the implicit message she sent today, when she blocked my attempts to exercise at every turn.

She slept fitfully through the night, but upon waking was Little Miss Screamface. I hoped naps would soothe the savage beast, and that I might, perchance, get a chance to at least do a DVD during her second nap. HA. HA. HA.

My original plan was to go do a C25K workout, but the combination of snow (SNOW!) and ear splitting screams just nixed it entirely. This morning as she napped, I got my house clean and as soon as I went to change into my workout clothes, the screaming returned. I stayed in workout clothes in the hopes that I would find more chances. Nope. Just more yelling.

I should make it clear that my baby rarely cries. Just yells. So. FRIGGIN. Loudly. But after her attempt at a second nap she woke up crying really hard.

I've given up. This day is a big fat zero. I ate fairly healthily, though I did a stress gorge on some leftover pasta in the middle of the afternoon. I realized what was happening, stopped, ate 2 oranges and a carrot to try and quell my need to nosh, and it seemed to do the trick. I'm pretty sure the pasta put me over for the day, though, since I didn't measure, and was just mindlessly scarfing to silence the crazy within.

It became pretty clear that my food issues are so much more than making healthy food choices for meals, I have to evaluate how I eat emotionally (we all do it, and if you don't, I kind of hate you) and how I can modify that so that it's healthy.

This day is a bust. I'm going to bed ASAMFP. Hopefully my kid will sleep through the night and my period will show up and the sun will be shining tomorrow, because I need a friggin break.


  1. at the moment i'm talking myself out of eating the remainder of bryan's birthday cake (which is, by the way, a third of a bundt cake). i feel you.

  2. i talked myself out of the rest of vegor's birthday cake and into some cold noodles. i chose WRONG.

  3. You know, the best time to exercise is sometimes right before bed when you REALLY don't feel like it. Because, if you wait 'til you feel like it you might only work out twice a year.

    PS. It is nearly midnight and I was about to justify going to bed without doing some squats/lunges. I will take my own advice tonight and tough it out with you.