Mouth Blister

Have you ever made a risotto so delicious that you were willing to sacrifice life and limb to get a taste of its boiling deliciousness? Oh, I have. I seriously have a giant blister on the roof of my mouth from tasting dinner tonight. Painful as it may be, I swear it was worth it.

I spent the day feeding my 7 month old (how did that happen?) so many scraps of human food. She refuses to eat baby food, but if it comes from my plate, and my fork, she'll wolf it down. Which means today she had avocado on toast, mangoes, bananas, tomato soup, carrot muffin (from Auntie Bonnie, I didn't even have a taste, and yes, I'm proud), risotto. This kid has quite the palate. I just hope she doesn't get sick. She seemed fine all day, so I'm guessing no harm, no foul.

I had the best breakfast, perhaps ever. Ok. Hyperbolic statement of the day. But it really was so delicious. I had a fruit salad with pears, mangoes, oranges, bananas and kiwi fruit. Since I used up no points, I decided to enjoy half an avocado w/ salt and pepper on a couple of toasted pieces of Dave's (I've been using low-carb/calorie wraps instead of bread lately). I could happily eat this for every meal.

For lunch I met up w/ a friend at Mimi's. I am actually pretty anti-Mimi's, as everytime I go the service is horrible, and I usually end up sick, but I knew I wasn't going to have anything too gnarly, so I conceded. I had a garden salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette on the side and vegetarian vegetable soup. The company was delightful, but it was certainly a waste of ten bones, especially since I'm trying to limit the eating out money. No picture. I feel super awkward about taking pictures of my food in public.

Dinner was pretty stellar. I made baked tofu, which I dredged in cajun breadcrumbs, risotto asparagus, and a green salad w/ a mustard vinaigrette. I was getting ready to toss my magic bullet (it tends to leak all over the place) but with the smaller container that I can do salad dressings in doesn't leak and makes such easy work of homemade salad dressings (buying just bums me out).

I'm going to try and take pictures of everything I eat again. It really helps me be more accountable. Even though I'm accountable for the points w/ Weight Watchers, the shame factor goes even further for me. So, let me publicly shame some of my choices today (and let it be said, I'm not ashamed because of the fat-making factor of these foods, just their sheer unhealthiness. I've been trying to steer clear of HCFS and man if I didn't make best friends w/ it today). I ate half a package of Pocky (1/2 a serving), and a scoop of Girl Scout Samoas ice cream. Not crazy go nuts, but if I'm having treats, I'd prefer it be something I made, where I know all the ingredients.

Outfit today is a dress I haven't worn in a couple of years, but it's one of my favorites. It's definitely too small, which makes it much shorter than it should be, so I rocked a pair of shorts underneath. This is the first time I've worn tights since before I was pregnant. Weird feeling, man. I'll be glad when it's warmer and bare legs are all the rage. 


  1. hey, i had half an avocado on toasted dave's today too. no fruit salad though. yours looks killer.

  2. seriously, it's the best food ever. i'm going to eat this until i turn green and grainy.