How about...Average?

Sometimes after really good days, I crash. I struggle being in the middle, not being extreme. So, let's all be happy together that I didn't go off the deep end.

I didn't make it w/ my goal today, mostly thanks to some Reese's bunnies and a glass of wine, so I didn't go way over my points, but enough that I am going to start my 7 day chip goal again. I really like this program even though I haven't been very successful. I decided I needed some clearer goals for what I'm going to attempt.

1) No going over daily points. If I'm eating healthily, I usually have plenty of wiggle room in my daily points range.

2) Only one processed carb meal per day--pasta, bread, tortillas, pitas, etc. pick a meal and stick with it.

3) Have a green shake every day. I love the way I feel when I have them. They're low in points and fill me up a lot, and they're super healthy.

4) Move. Every. Day. This can be a leisurely walk to a full-blown workout. But every day I need to get my butt going.

I think these are really healthy, attainable goals for my 7 day chip. I'd like to eventually try for 100 day chip, but, clearly small steps are a problem for me.

I also have another new rule that I want to implement, but it's not exactly a goal--more an out. I will allow myself to go into my weekly points if, and only if, I have earned enough activity points (God, I love Weight Watchers and all its lingo) to equal all of my weekly points. That's more than doable, if I want to have a bit of a weekend splurge (think Communal. Mmmm. Communal) then I eat clean and get in really good workouts all week long.

Unrelated (other than with the plethora of healthy veg I hope to have at the end of summer): I went to my community garden meeting today. I'm really excited to have a place to grow my own vegetables that's near my home. I've stocked up on gardening books from the library and hope to have an idea of what I want to do by the time I'm able to plant.


  1. Hey! I just joined 7 day chip today and it does sound like a great program, I'm really excited! I've followed WW for almost 2 years, definitely love the lingo too!

    Anyway, those sound like all really good goals, especially the 'move every day one' I like that you can have success there even without a full-blown workout! Keep up the good work! Here's to Day 1! :)

  2. the march issue of martha stewart living had some great gardening ideas. mostly it just made me wish i had a plantation somewhere so i could grow, you know, acres of tomatoes.

  3. Errin, I think those are VERY obtainable goals!

    ...and I would have chosen that glass of wine too! Just sayin'! :) (Okay, let's be serious... I probably would have chosen FOUR glasses of wine. lol)

    Can't wait to see photos of your plants!