The Great Outdoors

First, a bit of catch-up. My intentions of blurgh-ing yesterday were sidelined by a surprise (FREE) trip to the Jazz game last night. Vegs and I had a great time, and will certainly go back again. This was my first time, and I am glad I went at this point in my life, because I think at any previous time I would have been too neurotic to have enjoyed myself.

So, a brief game of catchup:

Yesterday I was still scouring the house for comestibles, but created a really decent lunch out of the remaining veggies in the house. I sauteed butternut squash, broccoli and asparagus w/ a little pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. Add pita and hummus, and well, you have yourself a royal highness dish.

I also ate about 5 oranges yesterday. I bought a huge bag at Costco and I cannot stop. Seriously. I've had 2 today. They are really sweet and juicy. I haven't had a bad one yet, and that's pretty impressive in my book.

For dinner I had a Red Mango frozen yogurt and a soft pretzel. I know. But, when your food options are brought to you by the fine folks at Energy Solutions Arena, you work with what you've got. I'm under no illusion that the pretzel was in any way healthy (but it hit my salt-tooth like you wouldn't believe), but the Red Mango was not too shabby. I had raspberries and blueberries on it, and enjoyed every little drip.

Breakfast this morning was the standard PB&J in a flatout wrap with, real shocker here, an orange. It turned out to be the perfect breakfast pre-workout. Substantial enough to make me feel full, but not heavy so it didn't drag on me at all. I'm not used to eating before my workouts, so I was happy to have been so successful (and even more happy that it didn't create an on-run poo situation).

Which brings me to the best part of all of this. I started back on C25K today. Outside. Holy hell, friend-os. This is exactly what I have needed. I started back at the beginning, since I've been 1) pretty lax about my fitness regimen as of late, and 2) running outdoors, especially while pushing a stroller is different. This turned out to be a really good decision. My workout was divided into 9 one minute runs and 8 one and a half minute walks. By the end of my minutes I was feeling winded, but not so much that I was dying. It pushed me just right without making me feel like a failure. I did the workout twice, and ended up going just over three and a half miles. Running outside is what my equation has been missing. I don't need playlists (as long as I'm on the river. In-suburbia running is a different story), and I like the variety of hills and scenery. I don't find myself wanting my running intervals to be over like I typically do when I'm on the treadmill. Basically, I'm in loooooooove!

Here's an obligatory post-workout picture of me and my running partner. She does really well, and it gives her a chance to get out her yelling without me feeling embarrassed (though it may terrify passersby, to see a tiny little munch just screaming her head off, but not crying). I'm so happy to be outdoors again!


  1. I am so excited to get outside! Snow is melting here! :)


  2. Hi,

    Lost your email. This is about the community garden at Lakeridge JH. The blog address was changed
    There is a stakeholders meeting Thursday, the 24th @ 6 PM. It will be at the school.