A good day for the books

Today was nice. The weather was garbage, so Vegs took the car, which left me homebound with the tiny screamer. I don't things could have gone better. My house is clean, laundry done, Evie's room organized/too small clothes put away, I worked out and ate healthily.

If all bad weather days were like today, I would be a pretty happy lady. The difference between my kid sleeping and not sleeping is life-changing. She's pleasant, I'm pleasant, things get done.

Brekkie was a yogurt parfait w/ mango and an orange. Seriously, if I were to go back to vegan eating, I don't know what I would do without greek yogurt. Protein! No sugar! Delicious! If I could find a local source for this, I might just live on it alone.

I snacked on a banana and some Beehive cheese company's Promontory cheddar (probably should have been an apple. I thought of it too late.) I made a haul at Harmon's yesterday and this cheese was one of my favorite buys. They also had fancy salts available in tiny containers in my price range. I bought some gray salt and some smoked salt. Both have pretty much been life-changers for me. For under a couple of bucks? A total win.

GREEN. SHAKE. I'm glad I made this one of my goals for my 7 day chip. They fill me up for so long and I feel so healthy!

Dinner was vegan chili. Mmmm. I love using the crockpot. This was so easy, and so good. I wish I could give you a recipe, but, it was all kind of thrown together. Some secret ingredients? Tomato sauce with jalapenos, and unsweetened cocoa. Really, really tasty.

I did the advanced bar method while Evie slept. Got through most of it. My bones shook for about 45 minutes after. That thing kicks my ass every time. I can't find my beginner's DVD, so I've just been slogging through the advanced one. Lordy. Lordy. Lordy.

I got a seed catalog in the mail today. This is how I will be spending the rest of my evening.


  1. Awesome Errin! Great job!

    BTW, I put a Hersheys chocolate bar in my chili! It's my secret ingredient!


  2. @sarah--i knew chocolate was a not so secret ingredient! you can't really taste it, and yet, it makes it so good!

    @erin--i don't know yet. for sure the standards: tomatoes, squash, cukes. i am really interested in planting heirloom varieties of most of these, but i'm a little leery to start from seed, especially since i don't get much light in my apartment. i have found some gorgeous eggplant and pumpkins that i want, too. i'm thinking, since i'm realizing the plot might be larger than what i need it for, to also plant some flowers so i can have fresh-cut blossoms in the house all summer.

  3. That sounds awesome. Your community garden plot will be so much fun. I have never tried to grow flowers. They intimidate me and I don't know how to put them altogether in a pretty way. Be careful of eggplant. They grow better than ANYTHING. So do plant them, just don't plant too many. Check out heirloom Sungold Tomatoes if you can find them. They're my favorite--taste like candy.