Dinner was a colossal failure. I run into this more frequently than not, as I don't use recipes, so as I'm tasting along the way, if I've run out of a certain ingredient, or find I don't have it, I end up trying to compensate in really weird ways. I was trying to make Bird's curry, but things weren't going my way (this was mostly due to trying to just remember the recipe). I tried to thicken the sauce w/ arrowroot, I put the noodles directly into it, and ultimately it just ended up a peanut-buttery, gloppy mess. There are no pictures, as I don't want anyone being forced to vomit just for looking. Next time? Recipe.

Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday, but I took a picture anyway to show that I am trying to take pictures of all my meals. I had a cup of coffee today, which I normally don't as the tiny spawn kept us up all hours of the night. Which, is really killing my workouts/motivation to workout. My dearheart Kieren and I were talking today about how celebrities always look so good right after having babies, and I can't conceive of how it happens. Even if I had a personal trainer and a chef, I wouldn't have the energy after being awake all night long. Basically the baby is kicking my ass right now. I'm at least going to try to walk to my errands tomorrow so I can get some movement in.

Even though she has clearly made a pact with the Lord of the Underworld, she's just so damn cute. Here's an obligatory picture of her eating my breakfast. Yes, that's Sesame Street on the TV. I'm not one of those "no TV for my baby" kind of parents. She loves Sesame Street, and I love that she loves it.

I snacked on some cucumbers and hummus this afternoon after getting back from Kieren's (I went to see her and her sweet little peanut, who I might just steal and eat with an array of dipping sauces), but didn't bother with lunch at all. I'm glad I didn't, because dinner had more points than I'm happy with eating in one meal, but thanks to no lunch I wasn't in any trouble.

Vegor said my outfit looked like Ikea today. I probably won't wear it ever again.


  1. Ikea??? Hott Ikea. Oh Vegor.

    I am so lame.

  2. first things first; you made me crazy happy when you visited yesterday. julian loves you. it is too early to tell yet if the love is in an "auntie errin" way, or a "mrs. robinson" way. either i am ok with. second thing; ikea? wtf? hahahaha! for the record, i thought you looked ADORABLE. but to describe something as "ikea" might be the best ever. and i might be stealing it and using it in the future. third; i scrutinized the picture of you, and not only do you look cute, your house looks clean and organized. add to that a baby who looks like a baby stella mccartney model, and that you cook 3 meals a day... if i didn't love you so damn much i would hate you. how. the. hell. do. you. manage.