While we sat around this evening, watching The Wire (dudes, it's so good) I browsed around on the interwebs. I came across fitblogger (it's kind of like blogher, a network for bloggers) and it turned me on to so many awesome and inspiring weight-loss bloggers.

Not only are these ladies inspiring me to get my butt moving again, they are also inspiring me to make things look a little better around here. Expect some sprucing up in the next little bit. Also, I'm thinking of adding a few more components to this here blahghitty-blahg (outright stealing them from other blogs, but that's how errbody does it, right?).

Stay tuned, dudes. Stay tuned.

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  1. I'm so glad you found our little corner. And that comparison is so beyond flattering, thank you :) That has always been my hope, that it will do just that!