Finally, some effing essercize.

You. Guys. It felt so good to move today! It wasn't out of control, about 40 minutes of walking and running with my sister (the perfect running partner for me. We run at about the same speed, both pushing strollers) on the indoor track at her rec center. It has convinced me that is what I'm going to do on bad weather days. I just hope Orem Rec is down with that biz.

I've learned a couple things about myself over the past couple of months, food-wise. One) I loooooooove fruit. Love it. If I could make a baby with it, I would. I think that's been the kicker for me on being successful w/ Weight Watchers. Two) I have not met a roasted vegetable that I don't like (I can even stomach beets, and I am not a fan of beets). I've been adding balsamic to my roasting mix, and let me just tell you, I might start bathing in it (balsamic, that is). Growing up, I was not a vinegar fan, but now, I'm falling in love with all of them.

So, I lost another 2.5 lbs on WW this past week, and this is without adding exercise to the mix. I am also realizing that I can probably lose weight faster if I don't delve into my "weekly" points, or at least not eat all of them. I really like that they're there, but I can certainly be more hardcore.

I think I'm going to try and add another component to these here posts, which is to take a picture of myself/what I'm wearing every day. The reasons being two(or more)fold. One) I think it will be cool to look back and see my progress documented w/ images so frequently, rather than just jumping from fat pictures to skinny pictures. I want to see the middle. Two) It inspires me to actually get ready, which inspires me to do all the other things in my life that I need to do, which keeps me on task with my diet and exercise as well (this is like, 99.99 percent mental). So, without further adieu, picture numero uno.

These were the jeans that I was battling to get into after having the baby. They're downright comfy at this point. If you're short-limbed like myself, you can get away with buying crops (which are like, always on clearance) and they just fit like regular pants. The shirt is from Old Navy. I have a horizontal stripe problem, namely, I want everything I wear to be covered in them. Damn the rules, man. I make stripes look good!


  1. Roasted Veggies changed my life! I seriously think you can roast anything and make it taste good! My favorites are roasted sweet potato's (with cinnamon) and roasted asparagus...yummmy! I love tossing my veggies in some dijon mustard, and then sprinkling them with rosemary. It gives the veggies a great flavor.

    I think your picture a day ideas is a good one. It can be tough to see the changes in ourselves. The pictures should help!

  2. yes to the picture a day! i need more more more of your pretty face. you are pretty much like, the coolest chick i know. and you are selling me on weight watchers! i think i am going to start it tomorrow. summer is coming, and i want to be able to wear something other than my maternity jeans. (which are pretty much still all i've been wearing after popping out that kid 2 weeks ago.)