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Like I've said earlier this week, it hasn't been a great one w/ food and exercise choices. I allow myself to give up so easily. I wasn't feeling sad, or out of control, which are some of my normal eating triggers, I was feeling really happy. Basically, food is always my answer, and exercise is an afterthought. I often wish I had a tiny Ashley or Erin to stick in my pocket to yell at me when I'm making shitty choices (you ladies terrify me in the best possible way). Maybe I need to make tiny little laminate paper-dolls of the two and hang them on my fridge, and above my bed to fear motivate me into positive decisions.

My weigh-in tomorrow will likely terrify me. However, to put a positive spin here, my kid is finally taking decent naps (almost 2 hours, twice a day), which should give me more than enough time to get things done,   (like doing barre method a couple times a week, or getting my house clean so I don't have an excuse to not exercise). I'm going to start lifting weights a couple of times a week which I'm hoping helps boost the old metabolism.

Can we take a brief moment to talk about how delicious the food was I had this weekend? It was Vegs' birthday, and we went all out (and I question why my pants don't fit). Last night, we had a small get together wherein I made eight, yes, eight pizzas. From scratch. On the menu for the carnivores: ham, pineapple and almonds; pepperoni; pepperoni, mushrooms and olives. For the veggies (and veggie-consuming omnis): butternut squash and goat cheese; feta, kalamata olive, sundried tomato and red onion; barbecue w/ corn and green chiles; a vegan w/ all the veggies and daiya cheese; sundried tomato and basil. It was pretty blissful.

I also cooked this cake from scratch (clearly someone else's picture):

This morning we went to Communal for brunch (ok, it was 12:30, but we were up laa-aate). I had a biscuit, home fries and a Greek yogurt parfait. After the parfait deliciousness I plan on making my own granola so I can recreate it at home multiple times a week.

For dinner, we hit Tarahumara again. I had the same roasted veggie burrito I had last time. I think next time I'll opt for the veggie fajitas or something a little lighter. 

I've been fascinated/obsessed with eating local, ethical food since I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (P.S.) a few years ago, and have talked endlessly about it since reading Michael Pollan's books, but until I started getting vegetables from Jacob's Cove and eating at Pizzeria 712 and Communal, I didn't realize what it meant. I feel like I'm having a come to Jesus moment with food, and it's not about counting calories, or limiting my diet from certain things (though, clearly I still need to do that), it's about eating real, good food. This became abundantly clear after this morning's breakfast. My husband is a big dude, and normally, an egg, a little pork, a tortilla and some black beans would not fill him up, but that's because he normally wouldn't sit down and savor what he was eating. The food from Communal is so good, so simply emphasizes the amazing flavors of the food itself, it begs to be eaten slowly, to be relished, to be grateful for. He didn't eat again for another 6 hours, and was not hungry at all in between. I want to recreate this at home. I want to make food that is good enough, that is high quality enough that it encourages intuitive eating. I have the time to do it, and now I have the desire.

Who would have thought that a biscuit made with cream, slathered in butter and jam would make me feel like I could eat like a healthy, responsible, intuitive person? Not me, not until today at least. 

I found another thing recently, on twitter, #7daychip, which basically encourages you to make healthy eating decisions, one day at a time. Kind of a reward for keepin' on. I'm going to try for it this week, and then a #30daychip, #100daychip, etc. 

So, basically my body's in the dumps right now (sorry, body. We'll be better this week), but my head feels really clear. If/when I start getting whiny/excuse-y, please remind me of this.

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