A Burrito as Big as Your Head

Or, why I only lost .8 pounds last week.

It's weird that it is Sunday. The weekend zoomed by with all the beautiful weather, and being outside, so I've been a bit negligent on posting. That, and I ate a big, delicious pile of garbage yesterday, and I was full of shame.

Friday was great. Lots of walks w/ the babe, sitting outdoors, visiting grandma and hanging out at home w/ Mr. Vegor.

Saturday we journeyed up to Heber, and had full intention of playing tennis, racquetball and walking, but it turned into watching my baby explode out of every possible orifice. And Mexican food. The best Mexican food I have ever had, and I'm generally willing to lick the plates of strangers at Red Iguana. If you live in Utah, (or are visiting, bless your little heart) get your ass to Tarahumara. Like, now. Seriously, if you are reading this during business hours, stop what you're doing and drive to Midway so you can eat there. I had a roasted veggie burrito, with rice and beans, but the thing that knocked my socks off was the salsa bar. Cilantro/corn/jalapeno? Ok. Roasted Chilis w/ salt. Mmmm. They seriously probably had 30 salsas. I mixed the spicy mango in with my rice, and was ready to serve a 2 year mission on its behalf. Vegs had a shark taco (what? how is that a thing?) and highly recommends it to all you shark-eaters out there.  Anyway, I ate a huge plate of Mexican food that used up my daily points, my weekly points, and probably then some.

My home is void of veggies right now. Grocery shopping on Tuesday, but I've realized that I need to have a lot of healthy options available or I start making excuses and eating things I shouldn't. I had full intention of eating really healthily today, and it went all out the window with an egg bagel and nachos. On the upside, we walked for over an hour this evening, and it made me feel so great. Now that I don't have to wake up for work or school, I have no problem with springing forward (Evie even slept through the night!), and I really enjoyed it being light for so long (though the kid had a bit of a struggle going to bed). We walked along the river and it was so busy with people out walking, skateboarding, running, etc. I even busted out the rollerblades for the first half. Let's just say we'll need some practice before I can go out on them without the husband by my side.

I'm ready for a new week, new choices, new opportunities. I'm looking forward to having a good attitude and doing the things I know are important and help me reach my goals. Basically, sunshine equals me feeling good and feeling hopeful and feeling like I can do these things I've set out to do.


  1. god i love shark. it is so delicious. perfect timing to post this, by the way, since bryan's birthday this weekend gives me an excuse to go up there. once i heard salsa bar i was SOLD.

  2. I want to go. noooooowwwww! :) I love you,lady.