2 days strong

Weekends are weird for me. I get off my schedule, and it becomes hard for me to do the things I need to do...but not today, beetches! I met all of my goals! My movement goal was on the low end of activity (just some squats and situps and such, but still!) Too many exclamation points.

Breakfast was 2 eggs, spinach and a bit of feta, finished with some smoked sea salt. I am in love with my fancy salts!

Lunch wasn't really anything. Just picking at things at my parents' house. A handful of rice chex, some yogurt drops (Evie's babyfood).

Dinner was, surprise surprise, Tarahumara. This time, I didn't let the restaurant win! I had the veggie fajitas, but used some of the salsas rather than sour cream, guacamole or cheese. Instead of rice and beans, I opted for a salad w/ a vinaigrette on the side.

I gagged down a green shake just now. Didn't put the effort into making it. Just some powdered greens in almond milk w/ a banana. It was pretty gross. But I did it, because that's my goal.

The day was so uneventful on all fronts, which was nice, but doesn't make for much blog-worthiness. Tomorrow is weigh-in. I hope to have lost the weight I put on last week (seriously, eff last week). I'd like to be down to 230 by my birthday at the end of April, which I think is pretty doable if I stick with this. That would put me down 30 pounds since the beginning of the year. It's ten pounds slower than I planned on being, but still on track for the 100 for the year. Big goals for big girls, right?


  1. Well done on staying strong for the weekend! I know that that's ALWAYS the hardest for me! :)

  2. Holy jumpin...You and I are at about the same place weight wise and we started at about the same weight. Coincidence?!? NEVER! HA!

    I don't know how you stomach the green shakes OR the almond milk. The consistency of almond milk makes me barf.

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  3. argh! stupid effing internet. i just wrote such a long comment and now, poof!


    @nicky thanks! weekends are brutal. i went over a couple of points yesterday, but nothing horrendous. i still started over on 7daychip because i'm trying to be completely honest w/ myself. having super specific guidelines is helping me a lot.

    @colleen i freaking love that we are weight-loss twins. i don't know about you, but that is super motivating for me. we were meant to find each other!

    green shakes are hit or miss w/ me. it's such a nice, quick way to get my greens, though. i started taking them before i was such an ardent veggie eater and told myself, as long as i have a green shake all other veggies are just a bonus. it really helped me get hooked.

    as for the almond milk, i don't mind it. i can't drink it by the glass, but i don't mind it in cereal or smoothies.