Weight Watchers

Has anyone done it? Had success? I'm strongly (and by strongly, I mean like 75 percent) convinced that it's a good idea.

Today made me feel like I did absolutely nothing, because I never left the house. The tiny one was a royal fuss bucket, and wouldn't really let me put her down, which means absolutely no exercise (beyond the continual lifting of a fifteen pound infant...FIFTEEN POUNDS! can you believe it?) and that food was scrounged in the few moments of respite where she slept before realizing I wasn't holding her anymore.

For breakfast I made the standard tofu scramble, lunch was leftover eggplant from two nights ago, and dinner was veggie burgers and sweet potato fries. I had a couple of handfuls of nuts and raisins in there, too.

Yesterday was much better. I walked/ran for an hour in my neighborhood, and did 3.5 miles. I'm so much slower in real life, and can't run for nearly as long (I guess I'm pushing the stroller, too, which adds to the difficulty) but it felt really good. It's nice to have that option opening up. As long as it isn't snowing/raining or really bad inversion I think I prefer this method of exercising.  It's great because I get a good workout and Evie gets a nap. Win win win.

I had a delicious and guaranteed 500 + calorie breakfast yesterday, but it kept me full for quite some time. I made oatmeal w/ chocolate almond milk (I bought unsweetened for next time, which will make this meal downright healthy) and added chia seeds, cashews and raisins. Lordy lordy.  For lunch, my sister-wife made us a delicious salad with avocado and tofu.

Dinner was notably unhealthy, but exactly what I was craving (it was mostly just a lot more processed than I generally prefer...and it just seemed unhealthy, though the calorie count wasn't too bad).  When I was a kid, my mom used to make hamburger in brown gravy and we'd have it over mashed potatoes. It's how I got my svelte figure. Anyway, it just screams comfort food to me, so I veganized it, and it was right-effing-on. Mashed potatoes were the same as a few nights ago. The gravy was a pack of vegan brown gravy in boca crumbles w/ some corn mixed in. So I didn't feel entirely like my meal was brown/beige, I also steamed some broccoli. It hit the spot like in a way I didn't know was necessary.

Seriously, if anyone has any experience w/ weight watchers, I'd love to know about it. If I did it, I would do it online. It seems pretty easily adaptable for a vegan diet, and I would just try it for a few months to see if I had any success.


  1. I did and am doing WW. The first time (before I got pregnant) I lost 30 pounds in six months. Now I find it hard to exercise with the twins around. However, the new plan is very healthy and I am really enjoying the process. I stuck to the plan last week and dropped ten pounds.
    The meetings can be hit and miss - I think it depends on your leader.

  2. THANKS! i really think i'm going to check it out.