Vegan Time Out

My friend Joey offered me this term this weekend, and that's where I was, the whole time. No flesh, no thanks, but I certainly had a coupla eggies and more dairy than my innards know what to do with. I'm pretty glad that dairy makes me feel gross, because I'm good now. My cheese craving is gone, and I'm ready to get back to normal life, which leads us to part deux:

I joined Weight Watchers. It makes me feel like an old lady to say, but I've been struggling so hardcore all of February, and have not been able to shake this rut. I'm giving it three months, then I'll decide if I want to keep going with it, or if it was a good decision.

Things I like about it: 1) I don't have to count calories. I always felt like I was way off base when I was doing that, anyway. I'm pretty sure that their point system is just a back door way to getting to calories, and that they are calculating them for me, but I don't care. It's much easier for me to deal w/ points than calories for some reason.  2) I don't feel deprived. When I was counting calories, I was always making deals with myself, trying to save up for something calorie-rich, and then overloading. There is room built in for little treats/snacks (they give you "daily points" and "weekly points". The weekly points can be spread out over your week in small snacks, or inhaled at Red Iguana, as mine were today). Most fruits and vegetables get a free pass, which means I won't be freaking out about the calories in a banana for my smoothie. 3) It works really well with veganism, and I have found some great vegan recipes on the website. 4) I'm kind of a sucker for gimmicks, and gimmicky or no, Jennifer Hudson's hot bod has me convinced. 5) They have a recipe builder that makes counting points really, really easy. This is something I was really struggling with in counting calories.

Things I don't like: 1) It really does make me feel old. I don't know why, maybe because the website is so damn confusing/cluttered/designed like it's meant for old-bones. 2) I feel like I'm admitting that I really don't know about food/diet/nutrition. I consider myself pretty smart, and I thought I could figure this all out on my own, so moving on to something like this feels like a bit of a defeat. 3) Have I mentioned the website? Good hell. 4) Paying money. I guess I'm getting a pretty good bang for my buck, but I really wish I didn't have to toss any dough at this whatsoever.

So, we'll see how it goes. 3 months to see if this system helps me or not. I really, really, really hope it does.


  1. you shouldn't feel "old" for joining weight watchers. i would potentially join it with you. i must admit, i've been curious about it myself for a couple years now. (i know a girl who swears by it, and lost like 90 lbs doing weight watchers. and has kept the weight off for YEARS. i was blown away when she told me what her "secret" was, and i've been intrigued since.) i, too, like the idea of a "points" system. somehow it seems easier than counting calories, but that is because i am lazy and retarded with numbers. i also like that fruits and veggies are "free..." if i feel like i can eat as many of them as i want, i won't feel like i'm necessarily depriving myself. the thing about weight watchers that i am hesitant about, is the whole "meetings" thing. does one have to attend these meetings for the program to work? because the thought of attending them makes me want to run screaming. if the program works regardless of meeting attendance, then i think i could be on board. also; how much money is it? i have so many questions. i will ask you in person. but i applaud you for signing up, and i want to hear a report on how you like it!

  2. INNNERNETS!!!!!!! i don't go to no effing meetings. just weigh in myself and that's that! if i feel like i'm being suck-dog, and need some extra motivation (fear of shame is the greatest motivator for me) i might threaten myself with meetings...

  3. I have been curious about it, too! And those Jennifer Hudson ads are pretty damn convincing. She looks hott. I want to do it!