Feeling a bit better today. Headache is just a minor helmet of pain, and the nausea comes and goes rather than being a constant. Hoping to go on a walk to get some fresh air in my bones.

In sad news, I completely lost all of my posts from my old blog about Evie. It's all kinds of janked up over there now. I am really bummed out.


  1. Holy crap. I kind of feel your pain. I accidentally jacked up my blog (some older posts) a while back and Blaine is still trying to put it back together. I cried for twenty minutes though. And couldn't talk about it for days.

  2. I hope you can get them. I don't think I'll ever get mine back. The blog is set up on an email address I can't remember and I can't remember the username/password to get back in. The worst...