on losing my points

I hope noodles and company is happy. I woefully mis-chose tonight, pretty much clearing out my arsenal of excess treat points. The worst part was, I thought I was choosing something moderately healthy. Damn you, Indonesian Peanut Sautee. Damn you straight to hell.

Seriously, though. It reminded me that I have a lot to learn about my food choices. ACK!

My house is almost completely spotless. Once I organize my pantry and clean my bedroom, I will be an organzied em-effer, which means my brain will have nowhere to hide, which means I am feeling really ready to tackle this all head on. Not that I haven't been, but I often let messes in my life cover up for messes in my brain. Peace out, brain messes.

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  1. but man, the indonesian peanut saute is soooo good.