I have none. I'm struggling, to be honest. I've spent the week eating like crap, not exercising, and just feeling pretty shitty. I know where my problems are, I just can't seem to tackle them. The things that I know help me, I just don't care about anymore. I know which rules to follow, what I need to be doing, and yet, nada. HELP!

Seriously, though. I feel like crap. I get over my sickness, and move straight on to a massive ingrown toenail. My inability to physically exercise is paired with my mental block of not wanting to do a damn thing but sit on my ass and watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix.

Vegs told me his theory about fatness today. It goes a little something like this: we're not actually fat people, it's just that there are fat people that live inside us, and we have to kill them. Unfortunately, those fat folks within will do anything to stay alive. So, help me murder my inner fat!

How do I get my motivation back? I felt so good when I started this, but getting that feeling back seems to be the biggest struggle I face right now. I'm working on it, but it's definitely hard.

Remember when this blog didn't used to be a big old bitch and moan fest, it was actually somewhat motivational and informational. Sorry. Hopefully the good blog will be back very soon, because whatever is going on now is pretty eff-bomb stupid.


  1. I have the same problem sometimes. But you can't let a week out take you down. Next week just start over and ignore this week. Sometimes you just have to fake it til you make it. If you can just force yourself to do the minimum you can find your motivation again in the things you loved!

  2. GET ON WITH IT - did that do anything?? I stand in front of the mirror with no clothing every morning. It kinda keeps me going!!

  3. If you don't get on it you're going to feel totally grossballs.

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  5. Well Errin,
    I struggle with motivation as well. It's hard to think about how far we still have to go to attain our goals. However, I was incredibly motivated BY YOU when I read this passage in a previous post...

    I think being a little more gentle with ourselves when we undertake huge challenges, like completely changing the way you eat, adding exercise, etc. you set yourself up for success. That idea of one mess up meaning the end of it all just cannot be the way we live. So you devoured a large cheese pizza last night? Okay. That sucks. Now, get over yourself and start again. I read an article the other day where they suggested that each meal was "the beginning of your diet." Think of each meal, each workout with that enthusiasm toward change that you have when you start a diet, or start the new year. If you messed up on lunch, that's okay, dinner is an entity unto itself.

    Follow your energy Errin. Some days you will have less of it and some days you'll have more. Some days you'll have more than you know what to do with. You are changing life patterns and that is no easy feat. Go easy on yourself and know that YOU are stronger and more determined than the fat lady living inside of you. You are human and therefore prone to struggle but you will rise above it because you know it makes you happy to be healthy. You have so many important reasons to continue on this path of personal transformation. You can totally do this thing!! Tomorrow just get your ass to the gym and get that workout OVER WITH. Take it day by day and you WILL reach your goal!!
    Love you Errin! You are so amazing.