I just want to be Drew Barrymore...

And losing weight brings me just one step closer...Seriously, I'm in love with her, and she always looks stunning, and not overly thin. Ideal!

Also, when I'm shkinny, I would adore rocking the following (more to come)

Yes. I'm scraping the shallow bits right now. Working with what I can...I'm a little hesitant to post things like this because it makes me feel like I'm heading toward dangerous territory. So let's post a few not so shallow motivators:

 One day...not this year, but one day.

a VBAC/healthy pregnancy

The weather is helping. Hoping to be back on track 100 percent tomorrow (today was much better than the past week, combined).

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  1. i guess i am shallow too, because wanting to be drew is motivation i can really get behind. i want to be drew, i want you to be drew, and i want it to be summertime already. can we make this summer the summer of being drew? i can't explain exactly what it entails, all i know is it involves lots of being outside, farmers markets, wearing flowery prints, backyard black bean burger bbq's, and the occasional peace frog (which we will cheers to the memory DH nick.)