I kick so much ass!

Imagine me dancing around and singing that, because that's how I feel this morning. I didn't post yesterday because I was feeling so dejected from not having gone to the gym (again). But after some uplifting conversations, fear of being raged upon, and some helpful advice I bucked up and got to the gym this morning.

It's the getting there that is brutal for me. The rolling out of bed part, the very worst. If I can get my contact lenses in, we're golden.  So, I got everything ready last night, got to bed at a decent hour, only hit the snooze button once (my problem yesterday was turning my alarm off rather than hitting the snooze button. I fell back to sleep for what I thought was five minutes, it turned out to be 30) and went.

I emailed my long-time friend Sara yesterday who is a personal trainer/nutritionist and in telling her what I was doing, she (re)broke the bad news to me. If I really want to lose weight, I have to work out for at least an hour, most days a week (Not something I didn't know/hadn't been told before, but this time it stuck). So, this morning I did my whole C25K workout (5 minute intervals and all! I just went a bit slower on my runs. A 13:20 mile rather than a 12:00. I know, a real speed-racer over here) and half an hour on the elliptical. Totals? Ok! 1 total hour of cardio, 4.2 miles, 677 calories burned (whatWHAT! being heavy occasionally has its perks...like burning mondo calories).

I just needed to get to the gym so I could feel good again so I would be motivated to keep going. I lost that momentum this weekend, so I have to work hard to keep it going now. The ORC opens at 7 on Saturdays now, instead of 8, which means I will probably try and sneak in a workout on the weekend mornings, too. I hope that will help keep me going throughout the week, because otherwise, 2 days off in a row really kills me.


  1. Awesome you! Looks like I need to kick my workouts up to an hour too :p icky.

  2. 677 calories, SERIOUSLY? holy smokes!

    i set my alarm 1.25 hours earlier than i need to so i feel like i've really "slept in." like, "oh man, 7:30 is so much better than 6:15!".

  3. Good job! Once you start making it a habit to workout longer, and you reach a weight that you feel happy with, you can decrease your workout time to maintain your weight. This is the toughest part, so stick with it...you're awesome!