Food Posts are Baaaaack

I'm thinking one of the reasons I've been struggling is because I stopped updating my food, because I thought it was boring, or something. I have to do it, though, so if these bore you, I apologize, these are the building blocks of my food sanity.

I did it, today. Finaeffingly. I made it through the day with no sugar, no wheat (at least not in bread form. I know my Boca patties have it. They shall be the last to go). It was tough, I tell you, but hopefully it will be easier tomorrow, and more importantly, hopefully it will be worth it.

Breakfast was a tofu scramble w/ a lot of spinach (it's underneath) and some hot sauce (tapatio!). This isn't actually the scramble I ate for breakfast, but I didn't have a chance to take a picture this morning. This is the scramble I had on Saturday, which had avocados and Tofutti on it. This morning's wasn't as delectable, but it also didn't have all those calories.

I'm still scraping out the dregs of my Caesar dressing. The more I eat it, the more I like it (it definitely took some getting used to). It had spring mix, 2 boca patties and some cucumbers. I was going to make baked tofu for the protein, but was trying to take care of lunch as quickly as possible before the child woke.

Though dinner may not look appetizing, let me assure you. It was. I made mashed potatoes w/ 2 small blue and one yukon gold potato, a tablespoon of Tofutti and a tablespoon of faux cream cheese. I finally made some baked tofu, and topped it with spicy barbecue sauce (which probably has a little sugar in it. C'est la vie.) Did you know that with a little liquid smoke, salt, pepper and high heat, you can make tofu that tastes a hell of a lot like bacon? That's what this was. Merciful heavens. This shall be my new bacon replacement, bite my butt Smart Bacon, you tasted like dog food anyway. I sliced it thin, oiled a baking sheet and baked it for probably 35 minutes at 450 degrees (times and temps may vary, people). It gets crispy and chewy and salty and smoky. Pretty much perfection.

Between eating well and exercising, I'm feeling pretty good. Still tired, but willing to overlook it for the sake of the overall healthiness I feel today. Back on again tomorrow!


  1. food is always, ALWAYS interesting. i'm glad these are back.

  2. Why don't I comment anymore? Beats me.

    I'm still here though. Still reading. And I like the food posts.

    Confession, my five year old's favorite food is tofu. That probably means I'm a tofu master, right? I am intimidated by tofu scramble, and have never ever tried to make it but it's been on the menu every week for nearly a month.