Down with the sickness...

I feel so gross that I just took a pregnancy test even though I'm on my period, because the last time I had a migraine this bad and this kind of nausea, a fetus had taken hold of my insides. Results? Inconclusive (I suppose that's what I get for using 3 year old pregnancy tests). Regardless, my life in healthy activities today consists of trying to keep my child from yelling in my ears (one of her favorite past times) and trying not to barf up toast (I had hopes that I just had really low blood sugar when I woke up. Nope. Just grossness). Needless to say, my workout this morning consisted of me covering my face with my pillow and trying not to die. Eff the sickness, man. Eff it.

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  1. oh mannn that sounds like the worst. i get off work at 1:30; let me know if you want some help with baby for a while if you're still feeling bad.