I want to marry Runner's Corner in some sort of religiously-sanctioned ceremony. I am in lo-o-ove! I went yesterday to try on some new running shoes and left a convert. Let me tell you some of the reasons why they are awesome:

1) They don't try to upsell you, at all. They are all runners and just want to be missionaries for running, so they have you try on multiple pairs of shoes, and help you pick the best shoe for you, not for their bottom line.

2) I learned so much about how I run/how I should run. According to "Hawk" (pretty bad-ass name, no?) I "run like a woman." While I was initially a little irked by his constant gender essentializing, I eventually just found it funny. Anyway, "running like a woman" means you're not putting your feet in front of each other, rather each foot is kind of on its own path, which means you waste energy, eff up your feet/joints/etc. He taught me how to run effectively, and it feels weird, but I can see that it's right. It will be a long time before that's how I run consistently, but I'm trying.

3) Everyone is really friendly and helpful.

4) They don't care whether you're a 50 miler or a beginner, like me. They just want to help people run.

I outfitted myself with a new pair of shoes, socks, shorts, a hat and some pepper spray. I am so happy w/ the new accoutrement. The shorts are long, but snug, which means no tugging/riding up between the thighs. The hat is my salvation. I despise having hair in my face, and headbands and barrettes haven't been cutting it.

I realized yesterday that I have to work out every single day, including my "off days" so now, my off days are 30 minute workouts, and my "real workouts" are an hour. Yesterday morning I got attacked by a poo bug (seriously, spending 20 minutes crapping your guts out at 6 in the morning is like, the worst thing ever), so I only got in my half-hour C25K run and not my elliptical workout, which means it counts as an off day. This morning, after sleeping in until 9 (wonder of miraculous wonders) I did my full hour workout, went 4 miles, and burned 730 calories. Yup. Awesome. I'm on 5 minute intervals on my runs now, so I actually ran for 15 minutes today. Pretty proud of myself.

Last night, Vegor and I went on our first date in a long time, and the first time we've left Evie w/ someone other than family. It was wonderful. Coming home to a bathed and sleeping baby is the best gift you can give yourself. I planned on indulging, but didn't go as crazy as I thought I would. See, people, I am learning moderation!

We went to Pizzeria 712 for dinner, and it was worth every calorie and penny (both which were on the high end...) I had a farro salad with roasted winter vegetables and a maple vinaigrette. Holy Hell, it was amazing. I also had the mushroom and truffle pizza and a glass of white wine. I had never had truffles, or fancy mushrooms (portabello is really as wild as I get). I think these were chanterelles? Maybe? They were awesome, whatever they were. And you guys. TRUFFLES. Yes. Brilliant.

We also stopped and had a little dessert at The Chocolate. I had a mini lemon curd cupcake and shared a Turtle brownie w/ Veg after the play we saw. I was wholly unimpressed. Maybe I'm just not a cake kind of person, because it was just okay. The brownie was fine, but I kind of wish I would have just gotten dessert at P712 (like poundcake w/ greek yogurt and honey? yes, please.)

Eating like this isn't something I plan on doing very frequently, a few times a year, at best. I liked it though, because it definitely felt like an indulgence and not something I would want to do every day, and I still felt like my food choices were at least ethical, since I know that the Heirloom Restaurant group is really devoted to that idea.  Next time, maybe for my birthday or something, I would like to go to Communal (though I wish they had vegetarian entrees, not just sides) instead, though it's hard to avoid the call of my sweet, sweet P712...


  1. shut the eff up. 730 calories is CRAZY! you are a tough lady. i am glad you have your motivation back. selfishly, of course. because your motivation = MY motivation. (i look to your blog for my cues when i am a sluggy slug.)

    a lemon curd cupcake sounds balls-out incredible. jeez. i want one.

  2. i agree - 730 calories!!! damn impressive!!

  3. hot damn, 730 calories. so amazing!

    i am a huge, huge cake fan (let's talk about lime yogurt cake here), but cupcakes, 99% of the time, leave me sorely disappointed.

    the other day i told my mom i was thinking about running, and she laughed. my high school boyfriend told my parents once, "cassie just doesn't know how to run. i mean, she really doesn't." sounds like runner's corner is the place for me. i want to prove them wrong!