Back at the gym

My child has decided to stop sleeping through the night, waking up at 11:30 and somewhere between 3-4:30 every day. I know this isn't horrible, but after getting used to her 12 hour stints, it really just sucks, especially when you're trying to get up to go to the gym at 5 in the morning. Needless to say, the combination of effed up sleep and overall grossness, my first gym excursion this week didn't happen until 5:30 this evening.

Night gym is pretty great. When Vegs and I used to go to Gold's we would go around 7:30 and that was too late for me, I have a hard time sleeping when I get all amped up on exercise that late, but 5:30 I think might just work. I was worried about my energy level, but I did just fine, in fact, I did better than fine, I did awesome.

I had intended to do a full hour, but ended up having to drive up to my parents' house to console my mom who was a bit of a wreck after my little brother leaving for China today, so I only got in my C25K workout, but I did the whole thing--no stopping, no slowing down, 7 minute running intervals. I felt like a badass. Tomorrow's workout has a 20 minute run in it. I'm a little nervous, but if I can do it, I know I will feel cool as hell. After today, I think I have a chance.

The main struggle I'm having right now is that I'm so slow. 13:20 mile is practically walking. I'm proud of myself for being able to keep going, and in fact, I usually go too fast and can't keep up the pace. This is the speed where it's just easy enough that I can actually have endurance, but fast enough that I'm jogging. I'm not going to work on speed until I can do the last week's workouts, but I definitely plan on improving it.

I had big plans to give up sugar and wheat today. I did well all day long until I showed up at my parents' and my little sister had made vegan sugar cookies (her vegan baking is out of control. I'm glad I don't live closer for the sheer fact that I would be having super-amazing vegan treats all day every day) that taste exactly like Granny B's, but she makes an orange buttercream frosting. Amazing.

I made a vegan Caesar dressing today. Not nearly briny enough for my liking (But I had run out of caper juice), but still pretty good in a salad. I also like that its base is tofu, so it's got a pretty decent protein level, which means that salad keeps you full for a long time.

I have mastered the tofu scramble at this point, and am more than happy to eat it over a plate of sauteed veg in the morning. If I can stay away from cookies, I might just have a chance at eating a much lower-carb diet (it was so incredibly hard to stay away from my precious Dave's today).


  1. 1) i *struggle* w/ the carbs. even though i eat like 90 percent whole grains, i eat them too frequently, and it's hard for me to regulate my portions. it's much easier for me to eliminate than moderate (i know, signs of an incredibly healthy psyche)

    2) i have a lot of problems with inflammation, my joints hurt a lot when i wake up, i'm often swollen and wheat and sugar are two of the major culprits in causing inflammation. i'm hoping eliminating these two (or at least drastically reducing) will help w/ that. less inflammation = less pain = happier, healthier errin.

  2. How old is she? Four months? That's normal for a lot of babies.