What lies beneath (hint...it's tofu scramble)

Apparently I can't even have one tiny little treat (or six cookies) because when I weighed myself this morning I had put on three pounds. I'm guessing it kind of has to be water weight because there's no physically possible way that I ate enough to gain three pounds overnight. But, still. Eff that noise.

The unwanted poundage means I felt more than motivated on the treadmill this morning. I did my 3/3 runs and did an extra interval. I think I'm going to have to up my workouts to at least 45 minutes, if not an hour. 30 minutes is just barely starting to scratch the surface.

I wore a pair of my pants that fit today. I thought they were going to be too tight, but they actually were pretty comfortable. I looked a bit like a Sundance catalog rich bitch (ie; my ideal lifestyle) and had to get used to being actually dressed, but I really liked feeling put together in the end.

Cup of coffee w/ almond milk

I combined my two current culinary loves: tofu scramble and garden wrap sandwich. I had one, and it was more than enough to keep me full until dinner, plus, I definitely needed the protein. So, it's basically what I had for breakfast yesterday plus baba ghanoush, sprouts, spring mix, cucumbers and red bell peppers. DE-EFFING-LICIOUS.

I think that dinner was possibly gluten-free, though I'm unaware of whether Boca crumbles are GF or not. It could easily be adapted to be GF, though, and it was so good.  I made a big salad with spring mix, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, red bell peppers, and cilantro. The dressing was just salt, pepper and the juice of 1 lime (it was a big salad). Then I had 4 taquitos that were super easy to make and really tasty.

Vegan/GF(?) Taquitos
1/2 cup black beans
1/2 cup Boca crumble
2 Tbsp finely chopped red onion
Mexican hot sauce (to taste)
salt and pepper to taste
Juice of 1/2 lime
4 white corn tortillas

Preheat oven to 425
Combine everything but the tortillas and cook through (I used the microwave for 2 minutes, but you could use the stovetop). Mash everything together with potato masher or Magic Bullet, whatever you want, to the consistency you like. I left mine fairly chunky and it worked well.  Soften the tortillas in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  Divide the mixture and spoon into the center of each tortilla. Roll closed, bake for 10 minutes or until crispy/golden brown. I squeezed some lime juice over mine right before I ate, and it was awesome.

The filling is obviously pretty easily modifiable, I think sweet potato would work well as a replacement for the crumbles, maybe quinoa...so many options! I will definitely be making these frequently as they were so easy, so tasty, so filling, and pretty low calorie, as 4 of them are about 360 calories. 2 with a salad is more than enough (I ate the other 2 a few hours later, mostly out of boredom and trying to hit my 1200 calorie mark).

If you make them, let me know what you think! And plan to see recipes a lot more frequently!


  1. Not quite GF...but close. Roasted portobello mushrooms and zucchini make an excellent sub for Boca crumbles (which are full of wheat, boo). I want every EFFING recipe you have. And when I say EFF you know I mean business.

    Soon we'll be Sundance catalog rich Bs together (except I have to fake the rich part and only shop the outlet.) Holla!

  2. This looks delicious! Can't wait to try it!