Weigh in #4

One month in today. I lost exactly zero pounds this week, which aggravates me to no end. I guess I just have to amp it up. I knew this week was going to be tough, but I had really hoped that I could hit that ten pound mark. I'm so close. 1.4 pounds away from losing ten pounds this month. That's okay. I will lose ten pounds in February!

Today was also a measurement day. I have lost 10 total inches since starting this a month ago. I have updated the charts and pictures on the "Before" page.  I was glad to see a decent number in inches so that I didn't want to punch myself in the face.

This next week I am ready to be back on the intensity wagon. I let myself get a little bit run down, and I think I have ways to remedy that:

1) Eat every few hours. I have been trying to eat as much as I can in my 3 meals a day to make my calories go further, but I think that's leading me to be tired and starving by the time I get to the next meal. If I can eat every 2.5 to 3 hours I won't be so obsessed with when I'm eating next, and can actually function.
2) Exercise for one hour every single day. That doesn't necessarily mean that I will go to the gym every day, but on the days that I don't I will walk, do a video, etc. On days when my gym workouts aren't an hour I need to make up for those lost minutes in the same way.
3) DRINK WATER. I don't know why this is so hard for me. When I used to have an office job, I used to drink nearly a gallon a day, easily. Now that I'm at home all day (and getting up to go get a drink isn't a break from staring at the computer) I don't drink nearly enough.
4) Fewer calories from grains. This means higher protein meals and more veggies. I need to remember that my plate needs to look like this:

Too often, the carbohydrates are taking up the lion's share of the plate, and I know that is contributing to my slowed weight-loss. 
5) Eat. I know I need to be eating. When I've been hopping on the scale mid-week, and my numbers are higher than I want, I'm really tempted to just drink coffee all day, but I know that I need to be putting lots of good foods in my body to make it do what it's supposed to do. 
6) Cook. This week was just too sluggish. I survived on leftovers and easy to make meals which meant I was rarely getting the things I needed.

Better work this next week!


  1. 10 inches really is totally totally totally completely awesome.

    oh, and the drinking water thing? SO HARD when you are not in an office all day! for me too. i don't know why. i just bought a 1 gallon jug, that i've been forcing myself to carry around with me. since i've been doing that, i have been drinking more water. (and also peeing like every 10 minutes.)