Weigh In #1

Sure enough 2 lbs. down, exactly. I can't pretend I'm not a little disappointed. I really wanted to see a four or five pound loss, but I have to remember that this is for real, not some fad where I drop 20 then put on 30 (story of my life, thus far).  Slow and steady wins the race...

Food was meh today. I stayed within my guidelines, it was just unimpressive. Probably because one of my meals was at the Olive Garden. I had cappelinni pomodoro (or something. like I'm going to google it) and some minestrone. I also had 3 breadsticks, which I'm sure have butter on them, but I don't even care today. It's crazy to see how many calories one could consume if they weren't paying attention. The breadsticks made up a good portion of my caloric intake for the meal (good thing I didn't eat breakfast so I had some wiggle room), and normally I wouldn't give them a second thought. I'm glad I've become more conscious of feeling full, as well. I had them take my plate when I was about halfway done with my pasta because I had reached the point where I was comfortable. I knew that any more would make me fuller than I would want to feel. Old Me would have eaten about 6 breadsticks, a few plates of salad and most of a chicken alfredo. Gross. Gross. Gross. I can't even conceive of eating that many calories in one sitting now (hell, even over the course of a day).

They've been talking about how putting calorie information on menus (especially in fast food places) won't be much of a deterrent in people choosing unhealthy items, but it really would for me. I don't see how it couldn't. Also, I'm blown away by what most people conceive of as a reasonable amount of calories/serving size, and that I was, until very recently, one of those people. I do know that now that I am aware, it makes all the difference in the world to me if I know what I'm getting into, calorically speaking.

Dinner was a quinoa burrito with boca crumbles. Nothing much to speak of.

Tomorrow I start waking up early to go to the gym, which I just need. I wonder if I really will be able to do a 5k in 9 weeks (so sayeth my iphone app). I would really like to be able to just run this spring, be past this walk/run b.s. (though I realize it is an integral step in being able to do what I want to do...it's just I want everything now)!


  1. Your food looks amazing! You were positively glowing when I saw you a week ago. I am now inspired to be more active in my days. Talk to you soon!

  2. i am really digging this blog. i've been reading it daily, and have this sudden surge of motivation. you hear that, errin? you are my INSPIRATION. but, seriously though. after i push this friggin' baby out, i am going to try to do something similar, i think. can we make/eat low-cal vegan food together sometime? like lady dates? i love you and am in awe of you.

  3. Ditto (what Kieren said)! Only minus the baby part. I pushed the baby out three years ago, but am still eating for two. Wha wha. Tomorrow I'm gonna drink a green shake for breakfast.

    I so envy your vegan feasts. We eat like you only without any gluten. Imagine, if you will, your diet without Boca or Dave's bread...welcome to my world. :)

  4. thanks, ladies. the support is seriously helping (as is knowing that i am accountable to people). erin, your gluten-free world is not something i am ready for, but it's pretty much the way my mom eats (and she's dropped weight like nobody's business).

    erin have you ever looked @ this blog? http://www.dietdessertndogs.com/recipes/recipe-index/
    it looks like she has some pretty awesome stuff going on...