Tennis, anyone?

I busted my ass on the tennis court tonight to earn myself a sorbet from the coffee shop down the street from my parents'. Worth every bead of sweat.

It was actually so much fun. I think my dad got a little impatient with me, so I'm glad there was a ball machine to take over for him. The irony in the fact that I was a varsity tennis player does not escape me (nor for you, Kristina). Seriously, I'm horrible. Everyone else in my family is good to great and I never got past below average. Mostly due to laziness, and not being good at sports being my subconscious rebellion against my parents (Let me edit that. I'm not bad at sports, I'm just good enough to not look like a complete jackass in some instances). The same goes for skiing (which I fully intend on taking up next year. Cross-country and downhill. If winter wants to eff me, I'm going to eff it right back).

I had a lot of energy today and was really looking forward to playing tennis w/ my dad, but had to wait until almost six, which meant a lot of obnoxious kicks and squats and punches. When I get hyper, I want to exercise, no matter what, so I will just move and move, annoying everyone around me.

I went grocery shopping today, and I love the way my kitchen looks (beyond the disaster that is my pantry. Perhaps if I get it cleaned next week we'll have a few before and after pics. Wouldn't that just be the most exciting thing in the world). I love how healthy I eat, and that my house reflects that. My fridge is full of veggies and whole foods, my cupboards full of healthy grains and beans and cereals and spices. Very few processed foods, very few treats.

For lunch, I made a wrap after grocery shopping. I totally forgot about wraps! The awesomeness of a sandwich, less about 100 or so calories! I used baba ghanoush, sprouts, spring mix, bell peppers and a boca chik'n patty. So amazing.

Dinner was Tony's Tacos, yet again. I knew it was coming. I had rice and beans on tortillas, with a little guacamole. But the real treat of the day? Raspberry sorbet. I seriously worked out today so I could have some. I like the idea of earning treats, however, my body hasn't really processed much sugar in the past few weeks, which means I feel like balls now. That's okay. I enjoyed the treat, and now I won't need one for another week or two.

Weigh-in tomorrow!


  1. you are awesome.
    you also eat a lot of boca chick'n. which means i should try some.

  2. gracias, mel.

    i probably eat too much boca chik'n, i'm trying to limit myself to a box of 4 per week as it's probably the most processed food i consume (most fake meat is). evenutally I'll make my own seitan, but for now my laziness is winning.

    the spicy boca chik'n tastes exactly like a spicy chik'n sandwich from mcdonalds. which is simultaneously disgusting and delicious.

  3. Kirtly would be proud that one if the founding members if thecWasatch High School girl's tennis team us still honoring the Wasp tradition of playing tennis with mediocrity. We should go play some tennis sometime. I enjoy that you are also a fan of Fillerup Coffee Station.

  4. i second mel's comment that you are awesome. the idea of "tennis" errin is making my day right now. it's just so WASPy of you. (not wasatch, the other kind.) i have long had this idea that i'd like to take up tennis. "Tennis Kieren" wears cardis around her shoulders, and adds champagne to her freshly squeezed orange juice every morning. she vacillates between summering in martha's vinyard or nantucket. "Tennis Scott" wears penny loafers with argyle socks, and shorts with little boats on them.