Stupid January

Seriously, January is the worst month. Especially if you happen to live in Utah along the Wasatch Front where the air is so thick with pollution you practically have to dig through it. It is a dark gray-ish brown and there are health advisories against going out in it. Awesome. We usually combat it with a trip to Palm Springs in mid-February, and I cannot wait.

The gray is especially awful today as I slept through my alarm (thanks to a Little Miss So and So who decided it was awesome to wake up at 3:00 in the morning) which means I missed my morning workout. It is now very evident to me that I need exercise every single day to feel okay. I am going to try and go when Vegs is done with work. I would just go for a walk w/ the kid, but the 19 layers of smog is keeping me inside.

I'm becoming so much more aware of how my emotions play into my weight. For example: not enough sleep, no workout, gray skies, lonely times = me wanting to eat a deep fried bucket of everything, followed by 97 milkshakes. I'm in need of a grocery shopping excursion, so the house is pretty much empty of anything edible, so I drove and drove and drove (because, hey, if you can't beat the polluters, join 'em. I don't really mean that, but clearly that's what I've done) in search of something to eat. I finally settled on a falafel sandwich and some dolmades from a local Greek drive-through. I was proud of myself for not indulging my desire for a whole cheese pizza or nineteen cupcakes from The Chocolate, but still not thrilled with my choices. I ate the dolmas first, thankfully as they were the lowest cal option and filled me up, then I got about 2/3 through my sandwich/side of rice and was done. So, I guess at least when I'm eating my feelings I am being slightly more conscious about it. If I could see the border of any of the clouds I'm sure I would find a silver lining.

We move on. I'll try to cook something healthy with some greens in it for dinner, and I'll try to go to the gym when the kid goes to sleep tonight. But January can still bite my ass.


  1. i feel you, girl. utah january is SO ROUGH, even more so on limited sleep. i applaud your willpower on days like these. this morning i totally broke down and ate a deep fried bucket of everything followed by 97 milkshakes. (and i cried into all 97 as i inhaled them, one by one.) then i read your blog and got a surge of motivation and worked out for like 40 minutes. but i still curse this month. this terrible terrible month. i curse it so hardcore.

  2. Guess how gross I feel reading this with a giant slice of chocolate cake in my hand? (Hint: very).

    So last night, was my second 5/3 run this week and I thought I was going to die. Which is really sad and embarrassing, because c'mon. I can do anything for 5 minutes, right? My new shoes are awesome, but muscles I didn't know I even had are getting worked and my calves were so tight I wanted to sit down on the side of the road anc call Nate to come get me.

    But you know what I did instead? I reminded myself that you are going to lose 100 lbs this year, and that's freakin' amazing. And I said to myself, Self, if Errin can lose 100 lbs in a year, you can sure as hell run finish a 0 mile run.

    And then I did.

    Remember when I said you've inspired me?

    I meant it.

  3. you guys are awesome! awesome! awesome!

    what shoes did you get erin? please tell me vibrams so we can be d-bags together (i won't start running in mine until i can fully RUN outside, but then i will be king of the d-bags!)

    kieren, you get to eat whatever you want because you are about to squeeze a cantelope out of your lemon. and i miss you. i am calling next week and we are going to go to city cakes and have a little vegan treat!

  4. Dude, vibrams are next! I got Nike Free Runs (Nike's barefoot shoe) and they're amazing. I'm surrounded on all sides of Cross-Fit groupie, bad ass Army men, and they all said Nike THEN vibrams is the way to go. They're a good transition shoe. I felt like it was kind of just a waste of money since I know I'm getting five-fingers anyway, but I'm glad I listened because otherwise I'd probably be too bruised to go on.