Slow Saturday

I've decided to take it easy on the weekends. I tend to be a little intense at times and I burn myself out. I will still watch my calories, but I'm not going to be as strict with myself, take pictures, record my calories, etc. We so often eat out on the weekends that it just becomes annoying and I don't want to annoy you or myself.

Today I had a green shake (disgusting. I must figure out how to combat this rice protein) for breakfast and then snacked at my mom's house on a banana and the most delicious brownie I have ever eaten. I am a good vegan cook, but my sister is an amazing vegan baker. Every baked good she makes just melts my face off (she's a pretty amazing cook, as well. She made tons of meals for me when I was on bed rest).

Because it has been so highly recommended by our friends Kristina and Jacob, we decided to try Tony's Tacos in Heber. It did not disappoint. There was very little on the menu for me to eat (and I'm not even sure it was vegan, I just asked them to hold the cheese. It could have been, and likely was all cooked in lard. It was so good I didn't care). I had rice, beans and guacamole. I topped it with their housemade salsa and ate it with chips and a Dos Equis. It filled me up enough that I haven't had anything since, and probably won't.

Tomorrow is a weigh in. Since I consistently exercised this week, I'm really hoping to see some loss. I can't be disappointed if it's only a couple of pounds because mathematically that's exactly what it should be. I have to continually remind myself of this.

I thought of a new reward for myself: when I get down to my pre-pregnancy weight (which is about 15 lbs. from now) I'm getting my nose pierced again. I really loved having my nose ring, I've had it for over 5 years, but when I got my c-section I had to take out all of my jewelry and by the time I thought to put it back in it had closed up. I thought that I wouldn't care, but I really miss it, and I'm excited to get it back.

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  1. Ahhh, Tony's Tacos. Their rice and beans are made with delicious magic and good 'ol Mexican love. Glad you liked it.