Remind me to tell you about my TV obsession

Seriously. I have a lot to say about fat TV shows, especially this episode of "I Used to be Fat" on MTV (don't give me no talking-tos about my MTV viewing habits. I have no shame). Fat TV really pisses me off. But the eyelids are heavy, so it shall have to wait. Must get up for the gym, you know. Hoping to get in a 45 minute to 1 hour workout tomorrow.

Tofu Scramble on Dave's bread (toasted)

A repeat of last night's taquitos, minus the salad

Veggie roll from Sunflower, snacked on too many crostini and baba ganoush and treats at a get-together.

a few pieces of Chocolove's Cherries and Chili dark chocolate (amazing. Worth every calorie.)


  1. Have you seen the one with the mormon dad who is a total jerk?! That's the only one I've ever seen because someone posted a link to it but it was crazy. Seriously I can't believe people talk to their children like that.

  2. AH! that's the one i saw that pissed me off so much.

  3. i love watching TV that pisses me off. right now i'm watching degrassi, which may be the most poorly written show of all time, although it only pisses me off because i can't stop watching it.

  4. omg, i am watching the "i used to be fat" with the asshole mormon dad RIGHT NOW. and i am RAGING. like, seriously, raging. fire is shooting out of my eyeballs. i'm really disturbed by the way her dad is talking to her, and i want to knee that f**ker in the nuts.