The pregnancy scare

So, I'm late. Which, in my pre-baby life was pretty normal. In fact, it lead to many post-pregnancy sobfests, but I've been pretty regular since we had the kid so it kind of freaked me out a bit. I'm definitely not ready for a second, yet. I woke up really, really tired and nauseous, which means no gymtime for moi. Don't worry, I'm merely getting back on my effed up cycle.

The problem remains, that I feel kind of garbage-y. Since I'm eating super-healthily I think there are a few things that could possibly be wrong: One, I psyched myself out about the possibility of being pregnant and thus pregnancy symptoms (also known as how I spent the last few years of my life); Two, I'm not eating enough calories and my blood sugar was low; Three, I have a touch of the flu;  Four, I'm not getting enough sleep; or finally, it's just a fluke.

I took a two hour nap with the baby and that seemed to help immensely. I'm betting on a combination of two and five. I fall asleep by eleven, but waking up at five and then exercising and eating about 1400 calories a day will take its toll on you. So, on the days where I wake up early to exercise, I'm going to make sure that I get a nap, at least a half hour. For right now, that shouldn't be problematic, since the wee one goes down for a couple of hours in the mid-afternoon. I'll see if that helps before upping the calories.

I seriously struggled today, so was glad to have leftovers packing the fridge. That tofu scramble got me through the morning on a couple pieces of toast, and I stood over the sink wolfing down leftover spaghetti around 1. I should have taken a snack w/ me grocery shopping, as that always wears me out, but, I effed up.

I started the first day of our weekly meal plan with a bang for dinner, though. Sweet Mother. Red Thai tofu with red bell peppers and eggplant on top of pineapple Thai rice.  First of all, I can't believe that I ever hated tofu, as it is pretty much my favorite thing now. Second, I love having cookbooks to inspire my meals, but man, I don't think I have ever, ever followed a recipe. These both started out of Appetite for Reduction but I made quite a few jumps along the way. I did use fresh pineapple for the rice (awesome) at the suggestion of the cookbook, and am glad I did. I only used half of it, so the other half will be used in pineapple collards later in the week (served with jerk tofu and butternut coconut rice. I know, you want to be me). Yes, that entire plate is full, no, it is not a dinner plate. I like eating off of smaller plates, tricks the brain, you know?

Did you know you can dry fry tofu? It's pretty much the best thing ever. Sure, it lead to me setting off the smoke alarms in my apartment (I'm just glad I didn't set them off for the whole building), but I kind of think it was worth it. Had I just had the heat down a little bit when I added the soy sauce (and maybe added a little veggie broth, too) I wouldn't have had the problem. You basically cut the tofu into little cubes and just toss it in a pan that has a little non-stick spray in it. It gets all crispy along the edges, and when you coat it in the sauce. Well, your house might sound a little porn-y with all the moans of deliciousness.


  1. a couple things; first of all, i think i am going to order "appetite for reduction" as well. (it looks like from your comments, i'm not the first, either. so, basically the publisher should be paying you.) the recipes you have mentioned sound really delicious to me, and your food pics LOOK equally delicious. second, i am sorry your are feeling crappy, and i hope by tomorrow all is better. if you need me to come babysit your kid, take you to a lady movie, or anything else, i'm all yours.

  2. hold everything. pineapple collards?

  3. Seriously, how can anyone hate tofu? I need to get me some cookbooks!