Perhaps I should lay of the coffee

Every time I drink coffee, I neglect to eat the following meal. Whoops. Today, it didn't seem to do much damage, as in, I didn't go crazy come dinner time, but really...I need to start trying to do small meals every two hours rather than just three meals a day. If anything, I can just split my meals in half and spread them out.

This morning I asked Vegs, "So, you know how I'm self-obsessed?" as a wise husband, he sat there, not saying anything, just waiting for me to finish the sentence. "How come everyone's not awake by the time I get home from the gym (at 6:45)?" Not like, everyone in my house. No, like, everyone in the WORLD. How come the world doesn't wake up with me??

I bothered to wake up at 5:10 this morning, and did a 45 minute workout. I did my standard C25K workout TWICE! Yes, I know. I kick all sorts of ass. Unfortunately all that ass-kicking really took a toll on my knees today and I'm trying to figure out how to remedy it. Perhaps a swim tomorrow? Ha. I do need to start doing some lifting workouts a few days a week, and maybe that will help. I liked the longer workout, and definitely need to stick with it.

Tofu scramble on Dave's bread, toasted
Baba Ghanoush

Iced Americano w/ soy milk (mmmmmmm...)

Tofu Massaman
Brown rice
Egg rolls
Sticky rice w/ mango
(Takeout from Bangkok Grill)


  1. holy smokes, where is this bangkok grill? and is it good?

  2. Dave's killer bread is AWESOME. Also, splitting up your meals is a really good idea to keep your blood sugar steady. There is evidence that shows if you go for long periods without eating and let your blood sugar rise and fall it encourages weight gain. I read a couple books about it including 'Eat More, Weigh Less' and Dr. McDougall's books. They are all about WHAT you eat instead of how much. Anyway, just another opinion :)

    I wish I could get up at 5 am!

  3. bangkok grill is in orem right next to zurchers on 800 south. it is awesome.

    thanks for the heads up on dr. mcdougall, i reserved some of his books at the library.