First of all, I nearly broke today doing my new workout. It goes a little something like this: walk for five minutes, run for 90 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, run for three minutes, walk for three minutes, repeat. Shouldn't be that hard, but last week's longest running intervals were only 90 seconds. Buh-rutal. It actually wasn't so awful, and it's far more mental than physical for me. I think my body could be running about five minutes at a time right now, but my brain only thinks I can do about 2.  I try to keep from looking at the time for as long as I can, and that seems to be about 45 seconds. Then, time slows down to a near halt. I feel like I'm running through pudding and that it will never end. Alas, I soldier on, and made it through my whole workout. It felt great to be done, and I am definitely going to try and get in some extra runs this week so that I can be ready for the fresh hell next week has to offer.

This is my post-workout, "what in the hell did I just do to myself?" face. As you can see, I'm wearing lipstick. I accidentally wore some the first time I went to the gym (it was the closest thing to chapstick in my pocket) and then I decided I liked wearing lipstick to the gym. It makes me feel like a fancy lady. I also like to dress as sluttily as is comfortable, as I think it makes the old people uncomfortable.

In super-awesome, dance around your living room with your shirt off news (this is what I did, anyway. Mostly for barf related reasons, but still rather excited), I have pants that fit! And, excuse me, but NO, I didn't buy new pants! Well, I guess I did, but it was way back when I was pregnant and lived in this magical little land where I got to breastfeed and the pounds just melted away, instead of me gaining more weight after having the baby. So, yeah, I bought a pair of jeans and a pair of linen pants from the Gap last fall and have never been able to wear them. Not only have I not been able to wear them, I couldn't get them near buttoning, let alone a full zip. Guess what??? PANTS FIT(ish)! They are certainly more snug (snugger?) than I'd like, and I'll probably wait until I lose another five to ten pounds, but, I can button and zip and walk and I didn't even have to do the freaky skinny thing where you lay down to try and zip them up. They just zipped.

I think my food diaries are going to be much more boring/functional from now on, unless I make something really awesome, in which case I will post the recipe and will keep them all archived on a recipe page.

Leftover homemade veggie pizza from last night

2 Garden wraps
1 bunch green grapes

Aloo Mutter
Aloo Paratha
Peshwari Naan (I'm guessing not vegan. Definitely had honey, possibly had dairy)


  1. I'm going to wear some lipstick to my spin class. I want to be fancy like you. You are kicking ass, lady! Wear them pants! Love love love.

  2. Yay for pants that fit! I have quite a few pair of work pants that I would love to fit back into. Right now I have two pair that fit (tightly) and dresses.

    Having done the Couch to 5k program numerous times (one time went all the way to a full marathon), if you're feeling like you can't do it, it's ok to slow down! And it's ok to repeat a week if necessary. You'll get there! And it really is a mindtrick. Your body is capable of much more than you think it is.

  3. came here just to say this; i find that picture of you in workout lipstick super super incredibly sexy.